Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Patrick's Maiden Voyage

So, the Shark and I had some time this afternoon, the weather forecast was for warm temps so we thought we get some riding in.

When I got to her house, dark ugly clouds were starting to build, and we contemplated whether or not we should proceed. Heck yeah I'm thinking! We started off and the further south we got, the more sunshine we encountered. It was WONDERFUL! We stopped at our trainers house to show how cool we were but if you can imagine, she was in the shower! Just cause she works out training and teaching like fifty million hours a day, like she needs a shower...pssshhaw! We looked at the sky and realized that the direction we needed to head home, now looked down right nasty. We headed back and other than big hill at the end, me not getting into my toe clips and almost biffing on the take off's, Shark hitting a curb and busting her reflector on Daisy's pedal, we returned unscathed.

I.WAS.EXHILERATED! Really, I can see why this is so addicting! In the neighborhoods when we could ride side by side, I felt 8 years old again with my friends in the 'hood (trailer park) riding our DI hand-me-down bikes, with someone on the foot pegs, someone on the handlebars, streamers from the handles and a cool banana seat. Of course back then we didn't wear helmets so I had to really imagine the wind in my hair today. I got cold on the way back, which doesn't say much, I am cold in 110 degree weather. Yup, get a slurpee and I'm needing a sweater! I'm the only girl on the beach in Cancun wrapped in a blanket. But I digress. Back to the bike ride.

It was awesome and I can't wait for the next warm sunny day to get Patrick back out eating up the road. I do really need to practice getting in and out of the freakin toe cages! I completely humiliated myself at an intersection because I couldn't get going. I finally had to WALK the bike across with a dude honking behind me! *Gasp* I need to practice and quickly get myself upgraded to clips.


Anonymous said...

Oh man am I jealous. My bike is getting a tuneup as we speak!

Kami said...

How fun!

Cadance said...

OK...So you would TOTALLY L♥VE the beach town I live in. Here in little Long Beach, NY as soon as the sun comes out in the Spring the towns major form of transportation is bikes! Of course we drive our Schwinn beach-cruisers not those fancy racing bikes! I L♥VE it! We ride our bikes everywhere...the beach, gym, grocery store. (I got one of those seats on the back for my little guy and a super cute basket on the front for necessities!) We live right around the corner from the neighborhood bike shop so when ever we have visitors we stop in and they rent bikes for their stay here! Oh...I'm totally looking forward to warmer weather now that I am reminessing last year!!!

Martha H. said...

Look at you go! I'm so impressed.

tiburon said...

Who is that fat lady standing next to you?

Oh and we sooooo need to get some cycling shoes!

I am done with the cages. DONE I say.

Tink said...

How awesome! I grew to love biking on my mission--riding the hills of Austria! It's very peaceful and yet exhilarating! You go girl!