Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday & a little Ticked Too version

I am TICKLED for the soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire that landed in my lap from the Shark! But I am ticked off that now as I listen to it, I am reminded that I will miss her whilst away in St Jorge!

I am TICKLED that I found a yummy banana nut muffin that is only 160 calories and 5 grms of fiber per muffin! But I am ticked off that when I came home from the gym, Kasey had eaten the ENTIRE batch, save 1 tiny one left!

I am TICKLED to be leaving SLC in a few hours to head south for warmer weather, even though it is for work. But I am ticked off that it means I am going to miss my fam and friends. Texting, email and phone just aren't enough for me! Can't everyone come with me???

I am TICKLED that Furniture Warehouse is FINALLY going to come and fix the bed frame that we bought clear back on Labor Day weekend of 08. But I am SERIOUSLY ticked off that A. It has taken them this long to get our order right and B. That they will be here sometime between 9 & 1. HATE THAT!! For the record, Furniture Warehouse sucks big rocks and we will NEVER purchase from them again!

I am TICKLED that this weekend is Valentine's day and that Splenda is taking me away somewhere for the night! But I am ticked off that he can't come to St George and spend the week with me there instead.

I am TICKLED that I will get to meet up with the fabulous Mindi while down south. But I am ticked off.....wait, nothing to be ticked off about that!

What's tickling you pink or juts plain ticking you off today?


Kristina P. said...

It's too early for me to be tickled or ticked. But I will let you know after my staff meeting at noon.

::Jan:: said...

This is hilarious. I love the two together.

You have quite the list and now I want a muffin.

I am tickled that I can share about my son getting married, but I am ticked that they are telling me how I can share :)

Jillybean said...

I'm tickled because I just tickled Max. (I love to hear my three year old's giggle!)

I'm ticked because I can't find any chocolate in the house.
And because it snowed again today.

Vanessa said...

What were you doing to make your bed frame break? Geez.

Anonymous said...

Vanessa, stole my line!!

You're gonna love meeting up with Mindi, she's really something! I adore her.

Have fun...

Erin said...

I live in Cedar. If you need a bathroom break or fill your car up in this little town, think of me!

debilyn said...

LOVE the yin & yang of this post!

I'd be ticked at Furniture Wharehouse, too!

Kami said...

When are you meeting up with Mindi?! I will be in St. George this weekend too. :)

You can email me


Sher said...

I'm glad you are so tickled! I'm jealous you get to go south. I'm so sick of the snow, I'm going to go crazy!!!!

tiburon said...

I miss you :(