Sunday, February 22, 2009

OH.MY.HECK! Lunch with a gaggle of giggling blogger chicks!

Shot from one end of the giant table.Shot from the other end of the giant table.

WOW - is about all I can say. Kristina's little get together turned out to be a HUGE affair! LOVE IT! There were close to 40 women there and I didn't even get the chance to meet half of them. I will say this - the group down at my end of the table were THE BEST!!! So fun to actually put a human being behind the blog. To know that you all actually exist and aren't just figments of my computer imagination. Or some government conspiracy experiment. Really, it was great.

I was lucky enough to sit by the completely GLAMOROUS Vanessa on my left. She had this glitter eyeliner that made me covet her eyes ALL AFTERNOON! To my right was the hilarious Arianne. Omgirl kept me giggling all afternoon. Annnnnnd, I could lean over and whisper stuff in her ear that no one else got to hear. He he he.....Next to her was a new gal Amber (the cool one). HILARIOUS!! I think I met a kindred spirit! Can't wait to hit her blog!
Across from me was Tiburon. 'Nuff said right? Except that not only did she show up with a Monster for herself and none for me, she proceed to drain the can into her gullet and then set it RIGHT ON THE TABLE IN FRONT OF ME! I hope Purdy kicks her trash tomorrow just for being so mean. It's a good thing I do love her so. Next to Tiburon and across from me on my right was Veronica (can't find her blog to link to. Veronica - comment to me so I can add you for crying out loud!!). A beautiful, witty, and outgoing gal who made conversation easy. To her right and within my sights and talking distance was Sher. Let's discuss Sher. Can there be a more beautiful, regal, humble yet HAWT person? Seriously. In her presence, one feels not only frumpy but down right U.G.L.Y. How did I even muster the courage to actually talk to her? It was her kind hearted, humble, spirit. She is one of those gals that is strikingly beautiful, extremely talented (I hope I win her CD), uber-athletic and yet, doesn't even know it! I want to be her when I grow up. Just saying.

At the table behind us was Sheila and I am SOOO sorry, I can't remember her pal with her, but it was AWESOME to finally meet her in person! We are doing Women of Steele in April, and I hope I can possibly keep up with her! She is incredible! I just wish I could have had an opportunity to talk more with her.

I got a chance to meet Shauna as well. And of course, coming in late because she had something else MORE IMPORTANT (whatev), was the ever laughing Martha. She pulled up a chair next to me on my left and capped off the lunch nicely. By the way Goodwood, little Miss Martha owes you for a diet coke.

I did get a chance to visit with Kristina for about a second or two, Jillybean for another second or two and a couple of gals, that if I were smarter and had more brain capacity, I could remember their names. So many bloggers, so little time!
However, that being said, I had a GREAT afternoon! LOVED meeting so many of you and being able to put the real person, with their blog. It will make reading your blogs just that much more fun. And I even met a few new friends, whose blogs will most definitely be added to my "stalking" list.

Arianne jumping into the spotlight. This is PRECISELY why I dig her!
l-r Arianne, Me, Martha, Sheila, Tib, Vanessa
l-r Kristina(sans Snuggie), Amber, Arianne, Me.
(picture removed at subject's request
Me, Vanessa, Tib
Vanessa, Veronica, Me, Sher

My other personal highlight? When Tib passed me a bottle of barbecue sauce and said, "This is SO you!"And yet, one more reason why I love her like a fat kid loves cake!

Can't wait for the next meet and greet. Might have to rent out a banquet room......


Kristina P. said...

First, I have to say it was on fun! One of my favorite meet and greets yet, because there were so many women!

The next time I do one, I may see if I can reserve like a room or something.

And I'm so glad you posted Sheila's name! I could remember her blog, but not her name, so I will add her.

Also, I am stealing some of these pictures.

Pedaling said...

that was a huge group. i came to meet you. mission accomplished.
it's been fun getting to know you and i plan to continue the fun now that i know you for reals

Vanessa said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! I'm glad I finally got to meet you in real life! Can't wait for next time!

Becca said...

That was quite the experience and lucky me--I came out with several new blogs to stalk and yours is at the top of the list! Thanks for making me laugh!

Shauna said...

The lunch was a BLAST! It was great to meet you in person! Let's for sure do it again sometime! ♥ Hugs :)

tammy said...

Me = :(

When I come to town I expect you drop everything so I can meet you.

Martha H. said...

Totally fun! I'm glad I got to go and meet some of the divas of the blogging world.

Uh, there were too many cameras going and I didn't know which one to focus on - hence the hideous shot of me with my eyes closed. ha ha ha

Martha H. said...

Totally fun! I'm glad I got to go and meet some of the divas of the blogging world.

Uh, there were too many cameras going and I didn't know which one to focus on - hence the hideous shot of me with my eyes closed. ha ha ha

tiburon said...

It was a blast! And I feel bad about the Monster.

I might make it up to you.


And if Purdy kicks my trash - she is kicking yours too. Just.saying.

veronica said...

It was so fun to meet you! (Now I won't like such a stalker when I come to your blog.) I hope we get to do this again soon!

susette said...

oh shoot!! There were so many people there and I didn't get to meet you. I didn't realize this blog was the face I saw at that end of the table. I was hoping to meet you and talk to you. Maybe next time around? :) It was a fun lunch and I should have gotten my body out of the booth and socialized a bit more. There should have been a mandatory stand up and move to the next chair game every ten minutes. HA!! That would have been hilarious and even more chaotic!!

Omgirl said...

That was fun! And it's a good thing I jumped into that one picture, because all the other ones of me are GARBAGE. I look like the queen of Dorktown. But you, my sweet, look exquisite in every one. You are so photogenic!

rychelle said...

i so wish i could have been there!!! you all need to move to vegas! ;)

DeNae said...

Anyone who describes Amber as "the cool one", is, in fact, the cool one. She is cooler than you can imagine; you're going to love her.

And I'm signing on as a follower. You're funny, you're my age, and you love my little sister. 'S all I need to know!

Jillybean said...

It was a fun lunch! I was amazed at how many were there. Next time we need a banquet room for sure.
I love that photo of my scalp up there. At least my part was straight ;0)

Kami said...

How fun! I'm bummed I couldn't make this one. Looks like a party!

Sher said...

I'm so glad I got to meet you! I feel like a giant dork, first of all because I'm the ONLY person looking the camera and smiling in your long table shot, and because you have talked me up so much, that now I feel like I have this crazy standard to live up to. You are just too kind.
And you, my dear, are talented, and beautiful!
Love you!!

Erin said...

I got to say hi to you, but I didn't get to talk to you much past that! It was fun to meet you; hopefully we can visit more next time.

wendy said...

Oh dang, I didn't get to sit at your table --and you are right about there were so many people that I didn't get to actually "have a conversation with". It was like running your finger through the icing of a great cake that you didn't get to devour. Maybe next time.
(we did have fun at our table however as well)