Monday, February 23, 2009

Did someone say Free? Little People Wealth Give Away

Okay, okay, we hear about these give aways every day. And I love a good give away. Lots of times there are cute stuff and fun stuff and sometimes just good ole practical stuff. This little bad boy falls under that last category.

I found a new little site that posts great deals, coupons, savings tips etc. She is great about posting as much information as possible to help us save extra dough.
Little People Wealth is her name and savings is her game.
Click here for more detailsNever hurts to share ideas on how to squeeze all we can from our dollars! Go give her a whirl, I think you'll like her!


Amber said...

Hey I went over there & it looks like she's got some good ideas! Thanks for the tip! I love your missionary's update. He sounds like such a cutie. I told you my nephew is in Honduras and his letters sound just like your son's. It sounds like they're just on some grand adventure. I love that they seem to be having such a good time!
We need to plan another get together. On a smaller scale!

rychelle said...

oh, how i love a good deal!


Cadance said...

Thanks for the info on that cool site...I'm always looking to save a buck! I think I was too late for the contest but I'll check them out in the future!