Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things I Love to Hate - a fun little meme game.

I've seen this now on several blogs and decided to play along since I am narcissistic enough to believe that anyone cares about what I think.

The idea of the game is to list 25 things that I just love to hate.....
1. Liars - Now a good story embellisher in the name of humor is okay. But a blatant liar - no good.
2. Whiners
3. Excuse makers
4. Cheese
5. Chicken as a prime flavor - must be a sub-flavor
6. Shin splints
7. Sappy, sugary, sweet love crap
8. While we're at it, Valentine's day. Just too cheesy!!
9. Car salesmen
10. Being cold
11. Being wet
12. Car problems
13. Passive/Aggressive people. Just show me your true colors be them what they may.
14. Wife beater T's on teenagers. Or adults for that matter.
15. Toilet paper that is NOT Cottonelle with Aloe.
16. Wearing glasses.
17. Soft water. Sooooo slimy
18. Public transportation
19. Plain water. Flavor of some sort, even just a lemon, is a MUST
20. Stinky fridges
21. Cheetos fingers
22. Gray hair
23. Earrings so heavy that a persons ear lobe looks like it's going to rip right off.
24. Mean girls who pretend to be your friends but really just stab you in the back. Or stab your friends in their backs.
25. Cats

If you haven't already played along, do, it's actually kind of cathartic and I would love to see what you hate!


tiburon said...

Conveniently I just got a coupon for $1 off some Cottonelle.

What are your feelings about wife beaters on a 10 year old?

And I pretty much agree with you on all of these.

Especially CATS - can't believe I left cats off my list!

America's Next Top Mommy said...

I ready 20 and 21 at the same time and thought you wrote "stinky fingers" and I was all, "what has this woman been doing with her fingers?" :P LOL!!

How could you hate cheese? Fair warning, if you ever come to my blog wait a day or two because the last two blogs were about 1)Cats and 2)Cheese :)

Martha H. said...

I am not a fan of Valentine's Day.

Oh, and I hate that you've been gone since Monday and I've not been able to chat with you.

tammy said...

Mean people suck.

rychelle said...

i differ with you on the water. mine must be plain. one drop of flavor (lemon) and you've ruined it!

Anonymous said...

These are great, I forgot about the Cheeto/Dorito fingers!

Omgirl said...

I agree with Rychelle about the water. If there is lemon I will send it back! But, I got a chocolate mint water the other day for kicks. Pretty good!

I agree with you about pretty much everything else, though. Especially passive agressive people. Just come out with it, already!

I may try this. It does look cathartic.