Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rude - not Rude...Random musings

Work is a little slow today, and I am taking tomorrow off, so that makes it even harder to stay focused. I started noticing some things around here that are either Rude or Not Rude. And, they shall be dubbed so for ever after........

It's hard to see unless you click to enlarge and even then it's blurry. Sorry.
The fact is THIS IS RUDE! It is a friggin meat locker in here! I can't feel my toes, I have the ugly office sweater on and I really believe it's just a degree away from seeing my breath. Not to mention that the air vent is situated right above mine and Martha's cubes. It is blowing cold air DIRECTLY AT US! That is just downright rude. I'm giving the maintenance dude another 30 minutes, then I am climbing up on a chair and covering the vent myself. Rude.Rude.Rude.

NOT Rude. I came in this morning to find a sweet little Patrick from Sponge Bob Squarepants sitting on my monitor. In honor of my own Patrick the Purple Road Eater. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love my friends at work. Yes, they are friends whom I happened to meet at work. Some people would call them co-workers. Not me. So....NOT Rude!

RUDE! Really, is it necessary for a scale in the restroom? That forces me to see it about 25 times a day as I go dispose of all the water that I drink. Sure, I would want to get on it and see where I am at, but that violates the official "weigh in" rules. So instead, I go past it all day long and fixate on how my body feels at that moment. Usually fat (don't judge me). RUDE.RUDE.RUDE.

Pellat ice. Best.Ice.Evah! Fun to crunch if your an ice cruncher, and even funner to have in your beverage just floatin around. So....NOT RUDE!!

Really. Do I need to say much? Not only is this bad boy just a few steps away from my cube, but you have to see it when you go get the cool ice. We really shouldn't be tempted like this so much. I think that is in violation of the Geneva Convention. RUDE.RUDE.RUDE!

I've mentioned many times about how much water I drink and admittedly I am a water snob. I prefer mine without chemicals, fluoride or other deposits that probably aren't for human consumption. This bad boy is just a few mere seconds away from my desk and is big enough to allow me to fill my 1/2 gallon jug in one shot. The best part? I can get hot OR cold water. So if I need to make some oatmeal (yum - not) or hot herbal tea to try and warm myself up, it's readily accessible. Sooooooo NOT RUDE!

And since I have been composing this post, the maintenance guy still hasn't shown up. I'm climbing on a chair and fixing that freakin vent myself! If I fall, is that workers comp?


Erin said...

Thank you for this day in the life at your office! It has been so long since I worked in an office. Love the Patrick. Hate the scale. Maybe you should shove the scale in the heater vent. Would that take care of two problems at once???

MiaKatia said...

I attended a workplace safety seminar that had an entire unit about the proper use for chairs... sitting not standing. It was a wee bit ridiculous!

Amber said...

OK, even though I have like 300 pounds on you I can still feel your pain about being cold. I'm sittin in my house right now with full control of the thermostat and I'm STILL freezing! My nose and toes and fingers are always cold.

So, HCG is the pregnancy hormone that is injected (by you) once a day for 23 days and it burns 4,000 calories a day. Equivalent to a lb a day. It requires you to do a 500 calorie per day diet during the injection period. And not just any 500 calories, you have to follow a strict diet. So hopefully in three weeks I'll lose 20-25 lbs. The trick will be keeping it off. Which is where Weight Watchers is going to come in.

There's controversy over it. It's probably not the safest way to lose weight but I'm desperate! Of all the things you and I have in common, your exercise obsession is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT one of them!

Yes, vending machine, rude. Scale? Always rude. However, you're supposed to weigh yourself every day to avoid gaining 5 lbs in a week and not knowing it!

I didn't realize your bike was named after Patrick. That's hilarious!

Vanessa said...

Vending machine and scale step away from each other??? SO RUDE!

tiburon said...

71 is NOT a meat locker.

We keep our house at 68.

You would hate living here.

I would flush that scale down the torlet.

the letter Bee said...

OK, 2 questions:
1) (In your sidebar photo of Michael Scott) is he making the "Tune in Tokyo" motion?

2) How come I have not come across your blog before?? :)

Melissa said...

Great question - letter Bee, I do believe he could possibly be making the "Tune in Tokyo" motion. Since I live with all boys, I am more than familiar with THAT one!
And welcome!! I'll be dashing over to your sight to check it out!!

dubb and dawni said...

I know what you mean 71 at work this morning! The maintence man was over my desk for over a hour and looking into the duct system only to find out the heater wasn't working!
HELLO I could told him that and besides all the dust bunnies that flew over my desk. grrrrrrr !! Ya gotta love a man up a ladder and has no clue !!

tammy said...

One of my friends has one of those ice machines in her house. I bet you can guess what we have her bring to all the parties.

Martha H. said...

I'm hoping the maintenance man gets it fixed. Loved his "e-mail me and let me know" comment when I had no clue as to even what his name is. Love it.

I'm so happy you love the little Patrick. He makes me giggle.

I am beyond thrilled that we have pellet ice now. Makes my Diet Pepsi all that much tastier in the morning.

I hate the scale in the bathroom. I make a wide arc around it every time I'm in there.

Oh, and I think it's rude you won't be at work with me tomorrow.

Becca said...

I think it's rude that you have pebbled ice in the office and I have to buy mine from the butcher block. (But I'm not sure who's being rude there, really I'm just jealous)

So said...

Look at cute Patrick! You have some very cool friends who happen to work where you do. And I love Pellat ice.

Cadance said...

Lets see....

OK? Do you watch Flight Of The Conchords on HBO? They had a seriously funny episode about stranger/co-worker/friend status and the way you reach these different relationship statuses! Super Funny! (your sponge-bob piece made me think of it!)

Scale in an office bathroom??That is just plain WIERD!

Ice like at Sonic (like I said B-4)=AWESOME!

Vending Machine...go for the Twizzlers or of it is just junk (hence the scale in the bathroom maybe?)

love the water machine!

hope the maintenance guy has been there by now!

rychelle said...

ok, 71 is a little rude for an office setting, but it's not nearly as rude as 81. it's much easier/appropriate to put on a sweater as opposed to having to take off all your clothes.

and i love that ice. can i get a job there? (i promise to "take care of" that scale for you)

Omgirl said...

LOVE the pellet ice!!!! And that cold air on you? SUPER rude.

veronica said...

Falling off the chair while adjusting the vent? Definitely Workmans Comp worthy.
But maybe you'd get to work from home EVERY DAY while you recovered....might be worth it.