Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday - Missionary Update

What up Fam!
What a weeek, wow, you said it right. Sounds like things are going good on the home front, and that is good. Thanks for the info Dad about my money and the weather, it is really good to know :) I was wondering about how much money I have. I plan on getting some new stuff cause the stuff that I have now, is kinda getting worn out haha. The holes in my socks are going to well haha. I think that I am going to buy a new backpack that has like this pouch where you can put your water, it stays cold, and there is like a hose thing that you can use to drink. I dont know, it is really cool. :) Tomorrow we have a conference in Osorno, I think that I am going to buy it down there along with some other stuff haha. It should be reall good because Elder Corbrege will be speaking. He really is awesome. He should be talking about how we can help the investigatores with a baptizm date. So far here in the sector we have two investigatores with a baptizm date. Two sisters. They are really cool. Their parents arent really into it, but we are trying to confince them haha.

Things in the sector are progressing a lot. I have had the best week I have ever had here this last week. It was awesome! We worked really hard that is for sure. It really does feel good to work hard, and I could imagine that a normal partime job would be really easy to handle after the mission haha.

The pictures were great that you guys sent me. Especially of Chloee. WOW, ill tell ya, that SUCKS! Hahaha I have got some good pics that I am sending to you guys. I hope that you enjoy them :) It is soooo wierd to think honestly, that I only have 10 months left. Wow is the time flying by sooo fast it is incredible. There are sometimes here when I get ¨trunky¨ which means that someone thinks a lot about home. That is a term we use here in the misison haha. It really will be crazy when I get back haha. OH and have you guys heard anything about Josh yet? I wonder what that could have been. Also, can you guys put something on Facebook? Just tell everyone a Happy Valentines from me, I know its late, but oh well. Happy Valentines to you guys too! Didnt even remember it yesterday haha. I totally forgot. Here it is not too big..... not sure why.

My companion really knows how to cook. Today we are going to buy tons of food, make tacos, quesadias, burritos, churrascos, completos, haha and some other stuff from his country, it should be really cool to try this food.

Okay, now for some of the questions.....
1. What is the weather like right now? We are starting to get into Fall, so the temp is droping just a tad, and it is going to start rainging, Yahoo!!
2. How are you and comp getting along? Still okay? Yeah we get along just great. Haha there is no prob there3. Fleas? Still bitting haha....not much you can do here ya know?
4. Are you well, do you need anything? Yeah I am doing well. Eating A LOT, but doing well haha.
5. Have you been able to use your debit card okay? Yeah, I am using it good, that being said, I am going to take some out today :)
6. Anyone specific needing prayers right now? I think what would be nice, is if you guys could pray, that the people in Radimadi, our sector, could be more receptive :)
7. Still December 30th as date for leaving mission? Haha sorry mom, dont think that date is going to change.

Sorry I kept forgetting to write something in spanish, I am not sure why I always forgot, but anyways here it is:

Yo amo la mission. sinceramente, es lo mejor dos anos de me vida. al conocer la gente, ayudarlos a entender que Cristo puede resolver cualquier problema que existe, no hay nada mejor. creo yo, que he aprendido, ciertas cosas super importantes aca en la mision. es como mi tiempo de aprender de Dios, como es la vida, y cual son las cosas importantes. mi punta de vista de la vida ha cambiado mucho. se lo que es importante, se como tener lo maximo felicidad en esta vida. y tambien pudia ver realmente el amor que Dios tiene a cada uno de sus hijos. es increíble como el nos ama, y las bendiciones que uno recibe cada dia, dia a dia. espero que puedo tomar todo lo que he apredido en la mision hasta hora, y aplicarlo con mi familia futura.

Haha there ya go. I am not the best typing in spanish, but is something haha. Just talks about the mission. By the way, how is your guyss spanish coming along? Mine is coming along pretty good haha. You know what we need to do? Take a family vacation here! Honestly there is some awesome stuff. For 30 bucks we can take a cruise haha! It is cheap, and wow, it would be really cool. There is a lot of stuff to do here honestly. And you guys could see the familes here, eat the food that they eat, and see my sectors. That would be awesome! Well actually it was just a thought, but I think that it would be sweet!
Well mom and dad, good to hear from ya. I am going to send something to Tuff so that he can recieve email from me at least. Have a great week! Thank you for the love and suport that you guys always give me. Love you and miss you guys!

Elder Catmull
My comp wants to throw a few words in here haha:

Hey! Your son is incredible! Elder Catmull is a great entrainer! He is my "dad" hahaha! He is incredible, and I think all of you are like him, thats great!) Uhm.. we have been working hard here. Its a good branch, a little bit difficult, but we know that with diligence and faith we will help this sector very much. We love this people. Uhm.. we will try to eat some honduran food, like baleadas. Dont worry, he will be fine.
Elder Catmull has a great testimony, I know it because I have heard it, and I know its true. He has a lot of knowledge of the Gospel´s principles. He is very happy, and I really respect him! He is easy to like. He has a lot of patience! Le quiero mucho a él. Well I hope you are good, and we will continue working hard in His work!!!!!!!! CHEKE!!!!

Elder Poujol

A great email this week. He looks happy, and sounds like he is doing great. I'm not too excited about the fleas or the date not changing, but if he is okay with it all, then I'm happy for him.
Not gonna lie - it's great having a missionary out!


::Jan:: said...

I am completely impressed at his details in his emails for you. That is wonderful. Those desserts and food look great. He sounds great.

My son was like this

All is going great. Teaching so and so. So and so got baptized. I really don't need anything. See you in a few.

Okay now. You are blessed in your sons emails. :)

tammy said...

I love your Missionary Mondays almost as much as you do. And now I need something with whip cream on it after seeing that pic.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Such a handsome boy! I bet you are so proud!!

Chaka said...

Those missionary pictures bring back some memories. I had many
completos "hotdogs" in Concepcion.