Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday - Missionary Update

Vive La Chile!
Dear Family,

Wow, what a week, seriously! It went by super fast, but it was a good one. Sounds like things are going good back home also :) That is good to hear. I loved getting the pics that you guys sent. Good news, me and my comp, we both got the packages. Wow, ill tell ya. My comp was super happy. He throws out a thanks to you guys for that. At chruch, we gave out some of the candy to the kids and the members. Was kinda interesting to see that the memers, too a tootsie roll, were saying, What is this, candy? I dont know what it is, but i like it. Haha I just laughed.
Speaking of church, me and my companion gave talks. I talked about the importance of missionary work, and my comp talked about how to do it. What freaking awesome. We nailed it honestly. Haha easily one of the most powerfull lessons that I have ever given. It rocked. I kept the talk for when I want to hear or see it again. Good idea huh?
I orderd some sweet scripture cases from a lady in Punta Arenas. Her husband draws them in leather. They are freaking sweet, but way expensive. Almost 30 bucks a piece. I bought two for my Bible and my BOM. I will send a pic when I get them. I am going to have to take out more money today to pay for them, so be expecting that.

That is so awesome that Chris is liking the MTC. I loved it. I still got all my photos and all of the videos that I got when I was there. I hope that he is doing well.
Thanks Dad for the weather update. The weather here is hot still. We are going to be dropping down here pretty soon. Spring starts in March, well the middle of March I think. Or at least from what I hear. I only got one more winter here, and I am home.....ahh....kinda wierd to say haha. Sorry to tell ya parents, the date is still the 30th of Dec. Haha dont think that it is going to change. I guess that is good in the fact that I get an extra two weeks on the mission huh?

Okay time for the questions.....
So questions:
1. How was your conference in Osorono? It was excellent. Elder Corbridge spoke, and did an awesome job.
2. I'm going to be sending another small package - do you need anything specific? You know what I could use? Some more Pday shirts. Haha I am getting sick of the same old shirt that I have. If you could send some of the golf or polo shirts that I left when I left on the mish that would be great. :) Thanks! Oh and also some white shirts, the button up ones that I use for work. I am down to 5 that work so I am having to use the same shirt two days in a row to be able to have enough for the lady to wash them haha. What a dirtbag I am haha.
3. Any message for your profile for Facebook? For right now no.....
4. When are the next transfers? Will you be staying or going? Still want to go to Puerta Arenas? The transfers will be 11th of March. I think that I am going to be leaving this sector, but ya never know. Still waiting to go to Punta Arenas!!!!!!!!! :)
Hmmm.....what else would be going on. Not too much. We are not going to change our house. The owner came and saw how it was after a long time of being a dissater. She remolded the bathroom and totally cleaned the house. Our shower is tons better and our house in clean after being a mess for I dont know how long. Things have gotten better in that aspect.

Well that is about it fam. I hope that you guys have a rocking week. Love you guys and miss ya.

Elder Catmull
p.s. I am going to send a part to tuffy and to chris, could you guys send the parts to tuffy and chris through email? Tha would be great. :)

While I would LOVE for him to experience Puerta Arenas, and he wants to badly, I'm not sure now would be the best time. They are headed into their fall and winter. It would be bitter-butt cold! And, it sounds like I'll be sending off another package this week! Awesome kid!! Love being a missionary mom!


Tink said...

What a fun letter! I think it's great you are posting what your missionary is doing! Sounds like an awesome mission.

tammy said...

Tell me again how you make them turn out like this?

Wow. It's almost March and it seems like it was just Dec. and you were whining about him not coming home until after next Christmas. Does the time go fast, or not so much?

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

I am so proud of luke!!!!!

tiburon said...

Send that boy some clothes!!