Friday, February 13, 2009

I am the LUCKIEST lucky duck EVAH!

So, here in the lovely St. George, lives an even lovelier human being. You all know who I am talking about. The uber-cool Mindi! from Word to Your Mother
We finally got a chance to sit down, break bread and begin a new love relationship.
If you remember, I did come down last fall and attended a crafty little open house she was hosting at her place, but was so intimidated by her awesomeness, that I ran from her house crying like a little girl.
This trip, I was determined to battle my fears. I drank a Monster, had a self motivation talk with myself in the mirror and put on my favorite good girls. (They just make me feel good)
We met at this fabulous new restaurant called The HavenA new place for me, a fav of hers. A joint that I will haunt each and every venture south from now on!
I got there first, she had to finish a few mommy items, and when I met the hostess, I not only did a double take, but had to turn away before I laughed OUT LOUD!There really are no words. I should have gotten a full body shot, but I was pushing my luck by asking for a picture at all. If you click on it and make it bigger you will see on the right (her left) a hint of the green sponge curlers she has inserted into her hair to keep those sausage rolls nice and tight! Yes, you heard me right, green sponge curlers! One on each side and one right there in front holding those bangs! AWE.SOME.

Mindi got there and it was instant love!! Notice that I am looking at her camera and she is looking at mine. LOL!
She really is an amazing gal. Sincere, genuine and a kindred spirit in a gajillion ways. I found myself talking with her like an old long lost friend! And funny doesn't even begin to cover her sense of humor!
Her choice of restaurant of course sealed the deal, as the food was outstanding! Although from this picture it appears that I couldn't stand it!That little plate there on the left? That used to hold their specialty dessert which is some sort of fried doughnut with some sort of creme/jelly filling all rolled up in sugar. I like me anything all rolled up in sugar! It was delicious and a big thank you to her friends who happened to be sitting at the next table who sent them over to share!
Then came the check and we both reached for it at the same time. Okay, confession, a little bit of grabbing and tugging with the black check thingie happened but then I lost. I really need to hit the weights more, she totally kicked my trash! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mindi!
You are delightful, funny, a great ear and a very kind and generous girl. Glad I got to take our blogship to a new level and can't wait for April when I am down south again!!


debilyn said...

how fun!!
I wish I lived in Utah so I could meet lots of my bloggy friends =)

Mindi said...

thanks for my girl-date today. you are right, it WAS love at first sight--

it was great food, great company, and even greater conversation--
you rock my world.

love xoxo

Mindi said...

ps posting about it on monday--

tiburon said...

I am sad.

I am crying now.

Omgirl said...

Mmmmm.....that dessert is making me salivate. So is thinking of Mindi. Rolled in sugar. I think now I've crossed a line. Delete that last part.

Anonymous said...

She's simply amazing huh?!?

Kami said...

How fun...bummer I missed it. The food looks so good. I will have to try it next time I am in town.