Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Sunday Fun

So did you party like it was 1999? Superbowl at our house is not a HUGE deal, but we do make our favorite snacks, pick a team to cheer for and hunker down for hopefully a good game and funny commercials.
Our menu?
A little ditty I like to call "The Most Awesome 7-Layer Dip Ever"
All I need is my own bag of baked Tostitos and I am set!
Tuffy's personal favorite are the lil Smokies that simmer for several hours before game time.

And then something that we all enjoy - Shrimp Cocktail
mmmmm, a little cocktail sauce and really, we could eat these bad boys all night long!

Have to say that Faith Hill looked beautiful and did a great job with God Bless America. However, Jennifer Hudson NAILED the National Anthem. Really. Girl has got pipes! In fact, if you closed your eyes, I could sometimes hear Gladys Knight. It was an amazing performance.
I was getting a little bored by half time, and I am usually not a fan of the halftime shows, but it came on and we were still sitting there watching. And then, the funniest thing of all night! Bruce Springsteen comes on stage, tosses his guitar to a stage had who barely catches it and does the two step shuffle trying to keep his balance and not drop the guitar.....I realize that this picture is dark and does no justice, but really, it was HYSTERICAL! We re-wound it and watched it like 4 times. Hilarious! I think a certain someone might have gotten fired from the E-street band for this one!

The game sure took an exciting twist there at the end, and I really wanted Arizona to win, but hey, it still was a fun afternoon, with family, food and the big screen!


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

The shrimp-the shrimp! those look so good! I got some in the freezer-I'll be making them this week! YUMMMY! Didn't watch the SB, so I can't comment on anything else! LOL

tiburon said...

I gained 5 pounds looking at that food.

Kristina P. said...

You are killing me with the food pictures!

tammy said...

I mostly read my book because everytime I walked into the room, the Cards started doing bad. I used to jinx the Jazz that way too. But I did make an awesome buffalo chicken cheese dip that rocked.

Did you hear that Faith and Jennifer were lip-syncing??