Monday, February 9, 2009

Missionary Monday - update

wow another week, and you guys got it, another suprise. Wow first of all great to see all of the pics and the letters. it really does sound like things are going well back home. also, really cool to see that tuff is dating. looks like she is a cool girl, and good for him. not going to lie to ya, WHAT A STORY. hearing about griff almost not sure renting the plane was the best idea, but haha i guess i am going to have to see the news when i get back about that.

things are going too great here in the sector. we really are working hard here, and had some great miracles.i think that you guys will like this story ;)

Friday, was going to be a busy day. Almost an appointment at everysingle hour. looking to be good, and we have a member that will be with us all day. as we are in a little bit of a hurry, as always, on our way to our appointment, i felt that we should contact a reference that we had gotten in the morning from my district leader. it was out of our way, and didnt have much time. but i listend to the Boss. we get to the house, and a lady comes out, looked a little scared, and then goes running back in. i thought, well they dont want anything, (this has happened i dont know how many times), but we waited. she comes running back out. we talked for a second, and asked for Maria (the reference). she said that she was home, but with a stunned face. a few seconds later, out comes Maria, with a really happy smile. she told us to come in. she then begins to tell us, that in that moment, she was looking in the phone book for out number, address or whatever, cause she wanted to talk to us. they were talking about us in that moment, saying, woulnt it be great to get a hold of them? we get talking, and she is a sad lady. she lives along, her mom died, and is really looking for peace. i remember she told me, i feel like i missing something. i smiled and told her, we have just what you need. she came to church this sunday and loved it.
This is the Lords work, and He is the Boss. I am feeling a baptizm this transfer............ :)

we have had great experiences like all this week. well, speaking of another, we have a guy have an epalepsy attack right in front of us. luckly i knew what to do. i took of my tie to put it in his mouth to keep him from bitting his tongue. that tie is useless now, but a good bloody soveniour :9

you guys wouldnt happen to have the email of chris would ya? if you guys could get that to me that would be great. i would love to talk to that kid. i am glad that he is going on a mission, i know that he is going to love it a lot. i sure am :)

i have everything that i need, getting lots of love from the Lord, blessings, and i am happy. things are good to go here. :)

oh i forgot, in the package that you guys send, could you send, some sun screen? that would be great. well mom and dad, great hearing from ya. i hope taht things are going good and that you guys have a good week. love you guys and miss ya

Elder Catmull

Great email this week from him! Although, I would be okay if he just took a picture of the tie and not really bring it home. Ewwwwwww!


tammy said...

Good things going on over there. I love to read about the little miracles. Thanks for always sharing these.

Missy said...

Great post! Good news is comforting these days!

Mindi said...

missionaries are THE BOMB!!


when are you down here? lunch? dinner? you name it--

Mindi said...

wait! i just read--you are down here the 10th thru the 14th--HELLO, YOU NO CALL YET?


Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

what a cool story!!! great update! :)

::Jan:: said...

I am doing the missionary mommy dance with you. And eating a cookie :)