Sunday, February 22, 2009

My new ride.... Allow me to introduce you to Patrick the Purple Road Eater

"Say hello to my little friend" (said in my best Al Pacino in Scarface movie voice)

This would be my latest, greatest and favoritist purchase.

This bad boy is a limited Edition '09 Alysafri Raleigh Road bike. I realize the actual name is a girl name, but as I explained to the sweet young Bryce at Taylor's Bike Shop who sold me, and then fitted me for this new investment, I DON'T RIDE GIRLS. Thus, he has been dubbed Patrick.
I took him for a quick spin after the blogger lunch (I happened to find a matching helmet), and I have to say instant love! Can't wait to get training on him!


Becca said...

Too funny--and let's face it--only real men can pull of purple and Patrick does it oh so well!

tammy said...

I need a boyfriend like that.

xoxo~ Meg said...

(Standing up clapping!!!) I am so envious! I have been wanting to do that forever and PURPLE at that! Woohoo for you! Now, I have to go read the rest of your blog, I am so behind!


::Jan:: said...

Okay I am laughing but with reason. I love that you have a beautiful and fantastic purple bike. But here is my purple bike story.

My dad who lives next door, was telling me that he bought a brand new bike from a neighbors yard sale. He wanted me to come and see the great deal he got. I go over there and here is this purple bike. I asked him if he planned on riding it around. He said of course. I asked him if he minded the color. And he told me he loved GREEN. I said dad, this isn't green, it is purple. He then started looking at it closer and said, oh, maybe I needed to look at it a little closer.

But ya know what, he is the cutest 80 year old man riding his purple bike around the neighborhood. :)

Come over and ride with him Melissa.

Martha H. said...

You are gonna be so stylin' riding him around town. You go girl!

tiburon said...


But I think it might be a little too pastel to be a guy. Just.saying.

And Splenda Daddy might get jillious...

Omgirl said...