Saturday, March 7, 2009


Picture me singing the classic tune from Queen with both arms high above my head and swaying side to side! OH.MY.HECK!! What a great game! What a fun night! What will I do now that I have no voice!

Yes, we pulled out the unexpected. We upset the favorite. We made history. And by we, I mean the 15 guys on the roster and the 4 dudes sitting in the coaches chairs. WJ Jaguars took on the Lone Peak....whatevers (I don't even know their mascot!) in the 5A Prep Boys Basketball championship game tonight.

The fun started with one of our YM from our ward, (one of Splenda's boys, the bishops son) singing the National Anthem. Jeff you are AMAZING!!
Really, I was so proud of you!

The game got off to a racing start. Seriously, the boys were back and forth, up and down the court, scoring on both ends so quickly, I thought, they are all going to kill over. Don't they know they have to be totally in an anaerobic state? Not good. I'm sure it was just the pure adrenalin. After the first 5 minutes or so, everyone seemed to take it down to a reasonable pace. We stayed pretty much neck and neck until about the middle of the second quarter, and we started to fall behind. We had great looks at the hoop, but the shots just wouldn't fall. Frustrating. When we were down by about 11 points, I was flat out discouraged and started to resign myself to the fact that it appeared we were going to get WIPED. We were down by 6 at the half.

Half time, I perked up since our school's drill team performed. I happen to have a favorite gal performing with them,and so it was dang fun watching them and cheering her on.

The third quarter started and I was still feeling a little discouraged, but what do you know? Those Jag's battled back and kept on fighting. By the 4th quarter got it tied back up.

Finally took the lead in the 4th quarter and never looked back! The crowd was on it's feet and we, I mean I, was screaming and jumping up and down like a 15 year old. I got so excited that if I actually had fingernails, I would have chewed them all off!

When the final buzzer sounded and we could officially claim victory, it was like emotions for the past several years just let loose.

Yes, it was fun to see the players, the students, and all the parents be thrilled beyond imagination, but for me, watching the coaching staff react was more rewarding. I've known these guys for many years now, and have admired their abilities in not only their coaching and program tactics, but their interactions with their players. They are a staff that puts the emphasis on STUDENT-athlete and are just as proud of their team's combined GPA as they are their skills on the court. To see my good friend approach the net with his young son and each cut a piece down, brought a big lump to my throat.

Now, of course said friend, is mad at me for posting his pic, but he'll get over it. In fact, don't look now, but I think this might be the closest we ever get to catching a smile on his face for the camera....

I'm just so dang proud of him and happy for them all, I can hardly stand it! Splenda and I stuck around long enough to bask with the other Jaguar supports in the glory before heading home to watch it all over again on the DVR.
Congratulations West Jordan Jaguars - You.RULE!


Kristina P. said...

This is so exciting, Melissa. Congrats to the team!

SO said...

Woo Hoo! What an exciting post! And congrats to the Jags for beating the Knights! (That's so you'll know the mascot now)

Pedaling said...

sing it loud!

so exciting!

tammy said...

How fun! I can feel the excitement just reading this post and seeing the pics. And check out Mr. National Anthem!

tiburon said...

Hooray for the Jags! And how cute is Katie?!?!

Love it!

Glad your team did it - our team wasn't even there.

Cadance said...

Yippie!!! That is SO exciting!

I love reading about all the excitement....being so far away from my "home-team" make me feel like I have a team to support and cheer for! CONGRATS! Hope your voice recovers soon! =)

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

That is so awesome Melissa. I am so happy for your team. I wish ours would have turned up better numbers.

I love all the pictures. Truly fun.

Becca said...

Nothing quite beats the excitement of HS state finals in any sport! I'm glad you got to go and even more glad that your team won.

veronica said...

I watched a little bit of that game on TV and I thought of you! I knew you'd be there somewhere cheering on your team!

Robert said...

Hi Melissa, I was out of town at a trade show, and had to rely on Kim for text message updates during the game. Is there any way I could get a copy of the game from your DVR?

Bob Milam

Tink said...

What a thrill! Congrats to the Jags! BTW, you don't liver far from me if you live in Jag territory. Looks like fun!