Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday - Missionary Update

**Remember I leave his original spelling and grammar. I just cut and paste. You can see he incorporates his Spanish a little more each week.**


Well there went the week. I swear that it just keeps getting faster and faster. Not really sure what to update you guys on this week. This Wed, there is transfers, and we still dont know what is going to happen. Most likely, I think, is that we are going to stay together another transfer. But then again, ya never know, anything could happen.

Speaking of transfers, it was kinda sad thinking about that. I love this sector and the people that are here. Would be kidna sad if I left, but also it would be kinda good. I had to say goodbye to one of our investigators, here name is Daniela. She is going to be baptized the 28th of this month. Yesterday she left for Santiago for a little bit. Was kinda sad cause yesterday I had to tell her bye, cause if I go, I wont get to see her get baptized.... I have her email and direction so I will for sure be writing her. She is really great, has changed her life a lot. Throughout this week should be really difficult for her becuase of her BF, who treats her really bad. She needs to go there to pick up her stuff and tell him that she is going to change her life and be baptized. Now that is kinda a problem cause her BF I guess is abusive. IT would be good if you guys could trow some prayers out for her this week. I really know that would help her.

Apart of that, and some other "goodbyes", things are going good here. The sector has progressed more than any other time. About thigns in the mission, it is going great. I am not sure why, but I have just been thinking about you guys a lot at home. Not in the way that "oohhh i miss home" and all that stuff, cause I do. But just thinking cause I know that this year is going to go by REALLY fast, I wanted to just let you guys know that I am really thankfull for the support and all of the help that you guys are giving me. There are some other misisonaries that dont have that.... so thanks.

I am glad to hear that things are going good back home. Especially in sports. Haha if you guys could only see some of the chileans try and play basketball, I am sure that you guys would laugh as hard as I laughed. Cause it really is a funny scene haha.

Hmm well nothing else really that is going on or new. I am sure that the email next week will be a lot bigger with a lot of new details. I love you guys a lot, and miss you guys.

Elder Catmull

I like hearing about quiet weeks sometimes.....


Cadance said...

i wanna see the funny basketball playin'...can he capture a video of that so you can post it on your blog for us! Come-on I'm sure the church will let you for the sake of blogging!=)

tiburon said...

He is a cutie patootie.

Are you sure he is yours? ;)

I kid. Kind of.

Sounds like he is doing well - hooray for quiet weeks!

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

Seriously. My son wrote in 2 years what your son just wrote. So not fair. You have it made in the shade. You get the juice.

He is so great.

Vanessa said...

Awww, what a cute boy!

tammy said...

Love the pics. What beautiful girls. I'm assuming that's Daniela? I'll be praying for her too. Abusive situations are hard.