Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yeah, you heard me! Champs AGAIN!
Here's the set up. It's come down to the two final teams in region for the championship game. Now mind you, we easily won our way through the tournament, but even Splenda was cautious going into this game. He had scouted the team earlier (cuz that's how important churchball is), and knew that our boys would have to not only play hard, but play smart. His strategy was to get them, the other team, into foul trouble, which means our boys penetrate into the hoop every play. They talked about it, but every time this week they went to the church for practice, the gym was being used. So thus, no opportunity to work on Splenda's plan. 'Sokay. These are great boys who don't often need to be told more than once. I meet them over there armed with my camera, still in my gym clothes, and likely reeking, and a BIG Monster coursing through my veins. Gonna be GOOD.TIMES.
Pre-game discussion and strategy outlining. Again, notice Jesus looking on. I tell ya, it's good luck!
Now remember, this is region play, so the boys on both teams know each other very well and are in fact friends, they all go to the same high school. So at the start of the game, everyone's all nice and friendly. Once the prayer and Aaronic Priesthood theme are said, It's game on, no holds barred, no mercy. The first half we stayed pretty close at first, but by the end of the half, it wasn't looking good. I wasn't feeling too optimistic. I had been yelling and yelling, and my heart was racing. Okay, so maybe it was the Monster causing that, but nevertheless, we were ALL on edge.Good thing I had Tuffy's friend Katie sitting next to me so I would be forced to set a good example. The refs only had to talk to our fans once. A friendly reminder to keep it in check and be positive. Hey, we are a VERY competetive bunch, so yeah, we do need those reminders.

The second half got underway and we just started to chip away at them and started creating turnovers.

We stepped it up a notch and in the end came out on top

Now they are looking for the three-peat! Congrats boys, Congrats Tuffy and finally Congrats Splenda. I think he'll start sleeping at night now.


SO said...

Congrats!!! That is awesome. I totally remember region basketball!!! I loved it.

tiburon said...

Tuffy is a Rockstar! He even got the girl in the end!