Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday - Missionary Update

Subject: hay


Well well well, what is going on? That was way cool to get your guyss letters. I think, and it sounds like things are going good in dirtbagvile. You could say that things are going great over here. I am guessing that you guys will want to hear about some of the changes that have been made.... Hmmm.... well to beat around the bush, there werent. I am going to be staying here in the sector with my comp until the next transfer (which should be in the next 5 weeks) the 22th of April. Hey that is a good thing. Good sector, good comp, what else should I ask for?

This week went flying by really really fast. I guess that it was the same for you guys. I guess that when there is a lot to be done, the time just flies. Loved the pics that I you guys sent me. I dont have any really new ones I think, but I am going to send you guys some anyways haha. My comp had a litle problem with his toe. I first got an ingrown toenail, and to try and get rid of it, it just cut it off. Well that caused a hangnail which to get rid of that, he ripped off. I dont think that it was the best idea cause then he got an infection. Yesterday, some foot doctor from the chruch came over and took care of his infection. Wasnt the coolest thing to watch, but at the same time it was kinda cool to see how to prevent that kinda stuff. I still havent had anything like that to serious happen on the mish. The guy gave us a good counsel, and I totally thought it was the other way around. He said that it is better to cut your toenails rounded than square. I have always thought that it was the other way around but whatever, I guess that he knows best.

I guess that you could title this part of the emial: Helping a new member out.

Just recently a new member moved into our branch. Her name is Alejandra. She actually has been here for a while, but never knew where the chruch was, nor did she ever see us as missionaries. As we were causually making our phone calls to the people that we needed to talk to that day, we crossed paths. She then began to tell us of her crisis. She has been a member for 6 months and is living in a really really small house. In fact, she has nothing, no bed, no blankets, no sink, no chairs or furnature. She has been sleeping on the floor. But something was really strange....she was happy. She then told us something that is even worse. Ever since she changed religiones, her family totally rejected her. She has family here in La Union, and when she went to say hi and even ask for help, the door was SLAMMED SHUT IN HER FACE. She has hitten rock bottom with trials, but she is happy. How can this be?? Decided to investigate... The other day we gave her a visit, and she really wasnt lying.She has nothing. She began to tell us her story on how she came to know the chruch and met the missionaries and all that stuff. Really cool! She is really confident that if she is faithfull in doing what the Lord wants, that they are going to be able to overcome some of the trials that they had. We donated what we had at the house to help her out. We had two pillows that we dont use, and some blankets. We also helped to bring some of the stuff that were sent to her from Antofaguasta. Yesterday at the chruch the Relief Society was all over that and ready to help. It really was awesome. We have a Family Home Evening with them today. The members here really are dedicated to helping her out. Ill tell ya, the look on her face to be in church and to participate is incredible. She wants so bad to help out in the Missionary Work. Learned a good lesson this week.

Everything is going great here. Still havent gotten my scriptures, so I am betting that will come the next week. I hope so, I put down 50 bucks for those things. Daniela is doing good, she still hasnt gotten back from Santiago, but when she does, I am sure that she will be running to the baptismal font.

I am not sure if you guys were able to, but remember when I sent the email to Chris, were you guys able to send that off to him? The thing is, is that I cant emial him unless I include him in here and you guys can copy and paste and send an email off to him. Otherwise, I cant send him anything. It is kinda a new mission rule, so..... And same goes with any other email that I send with you guys is that okay? Haha.

How much time do I really have left here in my mission? I havent been counting, and the only thing I know is WOW, time if flying by way too fast. I think that I will hit 1 year and 3 months here pretty soon. I guess they are all right, the mission flys after 1 year. Thanks for the emials you guys. Love you guys tons and miss ya.

Elder Catmull

And this, boys and girls, is what it's all about. Happiness in the gospel. Even when you have NOTHING else. I can make it the next 9 months. Oh yes. I can.

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Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

WOW!!! I LOVED the story of Alejandra who is happy!!! TRULY HAPPY!!! LOVED IT!!!! What a good good good good boy you have there Aunt M!!! Luke I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud!!! Tell him that for me will ya?!! :)