Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why didn't I get the memo??

So, riddle me this Batman? When meeting a small group of uber cool NEW friends, why didn't anyone tell me that I was supposed to bring gifts??? HELLO!!
I guess my only excuse is this was a last minute get together and so therefore I am going to let myself off the hook. And, truth be told, anything I would have brought would have paled in comparison to the cute and creative factor of these other gals!

First off, MUST thank the Shark for my most favorite treat of all!!
(okay so this wasn't at the get together, it was the day before, but hey, I wanted to include it with my other fun prizes!)

The super great Tammy, who is so kind, beautiful, creative and surprisingly quiet (??!) delighted me with this darling notebook!
I was just thinking I needed something cute to go into my YW bag to take handy notes on and this is JUST the ticket! Thank you Tammy, and BTW - it was great to get the chance to meet you in person, and I think I love you even more!!

Next was Amy - who I like to think is the classy, upscale, glamorous version of me. Someone I aspire to. A truly hysterical human being!
Look at these little diddies she presented me with!Yes, I do wear gloves when I do the dishes, my hands HAVE to have their protection, but these bad boys are so stinking cute, that I think they will be display ONLY! Check out the bling on the ring finger! It's bigger than my own wedding diamond : )
And to meet Amy was a real treat as well!

I kind of sat at the end of the table feeling like a schlump. First the two above mentioned cutie patooties and then right next to me (lucky me too), was the ever glamorous Vanessa. She had me at Sephora. I only hope that when I do get me some of that sparkly eye-liner, that I look half as beautiful as her. And then right across from me was the Shark. 'Nuff said right? Her hooker lipgloss alone is enough to make even Cindy Crawford feel ugly.
So I was the frumpy little schlump who mistakenly sat down at the cool kids table for lunch. I'll never be the same. I think I walked cloud nine for the rest of the afternoon. Hoping, just hoping, I get to be a part of the club!
Who's the TT on the end in gray bogarting in on this shindig anyway?


Kristina P. said...

What a fun get together! I read all of your blogs, and Amy and Tammy seem adorable.

SO said...

How fun!!

tiburon said...

It was way fun! I wish 3 things though:

1. I hadn't been so rushed.

2. I didn't have to bring my kids.

3. I would have brought presents.

Then it would have been awesome :)

veronica said...

I'm sure that the honor of your presence was gift enough!

Looks like a good time! did your Progressive Dinner go? Did you end up serving dinner in your gym clothes? ;)

Vanessa said...

What about me Kristina? do you read my blog???

It was a fun get together...and I am glad I got to sit by you. I didn't get the memo either that gifts were a must. I'll remember that for next time!

Martha H. said...

You actually got to meet Tammy and Amy??? Oh, and hang with Tiburon AND Vanessa, too??? Lucky!

So jealous right now!

tammy said...

You are so not a frump! I think you are adorable. I totally felt like I was meeting celebrities. I think I was awe struck. Either that or it was the high elevation and medication I was on that left me speechless. We'll have to meet up again.