Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tickled Pink Tuesday - And my FIRST ever giveaway/contest!

I am just "tickled pink" to announce my first ever give away!! Yes, you heard me, a give away! Okay, actually, it's more of a contest.
Remember when we were talking about hooker heels? It got me thinking wouldn't it be fun to see what kind of "hooker heels" everyone has? Especially since my own "hooker heels" were found severely lacking.
They certainly weren't as cool as any of these.....
Notice the goldfish swimming around
These had to come right off of Barbie's feet.
And, not gonna lie, these are just plain cute!
And true story. When I would play dress up with my friend at her house in our trailer park, these were just like some her Mom had and they were always my first choice!

I know you have some just as cute and sassy as these bad boys!

So, let's review the rules.....You need to email me a picture of heels that you ACTUALLY OWN. We can all go find hawt hooker heels off the dubya.dubya.dubya but for this little game, they have to come from your OWN closet. Even better, get the picture with them ON YOUR FEET!
Email the picture to melissa.catmull@yahoo.com
I'll accept photos until midnight March 21st. That gives you plenty of time to dig out the bottom of your closet or even splurge on a new pair for spring!
Once all the photos come in, I'll get them posted and available for voting. There will be no names attached to any heels, it will be voting strictly on the BEST "hooker heels". That way, I don't have to choose the winner, YOU will! Now, there will be a whole set of rules about the voting process, but for now, let's not muddy the waters.

What's up for grabs? Why, let me tell you.....

A fun,flirty apron to wear why you cook your loved ones a delicious dinner whilst in your hawt heels. Big props to Karen over at Karen's Little Corner for her handiwork on this saucy little number.

Miracle Foot Repair to moisturize and take care of your tootsies so they look nice in said hawt heels. Seriously, the best stuff you will EVER put on your feet.
A lovely, shiny, pomegranate Burt's Bee's lip gloss to add sheen and glow to your overall look. Who doesn't dig Burt's Bee's?
A sparkly shade of lavender nail polish to make sure your toes are nicely polished. I'm hearing that glittery nails are all the rage.

And finally, when the day is done, and you kick off those heels, take off the flirty apron and sit down to relax, a signed edition of Having Hope by author Terri Ferran to read and enjoy some "me" time.

So friends go grab your cutest, hawtest, hookeriest heels, and get those camera's snapping!

PS - Thanks Shark for the photos of all the hot hooker heels!


Vanessa said...

That shark is sure good at googling.

I guess I need to be more of a hooker, cuz in reviewing my choices, I pretty much am boring. I guess hookers don't wear size 11 shoes.

Cadance said...

Nothing says Hooker like clear glass/plastic high-heels!

Cadance said...

oh...you guys are all in trouble....Can I enter multiple times? Come-on I lived in Vegas for 8 years...we don't go out in anything less than "hooker" heels...I will be digging in my closet and snapping away...I WANT that apron & definitely the BurtsBees!....I think I can actually win this one!! OK...now I have to go get a pedicure for the hawt pics that will soon be arriving in your inbox!!!!!! =)...ps...I got a new segment over on my blog too!

SO said...

Sad to say there are no hooker heels in my closet. *sigh*

Pedaling said...

fun, fun, giveaway!
i love those pink barbie shoes...maybe i can find some for myself.

tiburon said...

I have no hooker heels. None at all.

And in comparative terms - your browns heels are SOOO not hooker heels. I was very obviously high when I made that statement.

Anonymous said...

The hottest, latest pair I have and that you've seen would be from New Year's but I'll e-mail the picture over to you anyways!

I have a feeling Cadance has me beat!;)

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

I disappoint. I have nothing. Seriously. I am boring like that.

I really have them under lock and key :)

rychelle said...

i guess i won't be winning anything. i don't "do" heels. hooker or otherwise.

can't wait to vote though.

Kristina P. said...

Wow, I will have to raid my closet!!

Tink said...

This is a hysterical contest! I wish I could say I had hooker heels...unfortunately being married to a short guy, I wear zero heels! Ha. It will be fun to see what shows up from people's closets!

veronica said...

Can't wait to dig through my closet. But I might need a pedicure before I can take a picture of my feet!

I'm excited for the book. I just read "Finding Faith" so I'm ready for this one.

Martha H. said...

Count me in. I'll be sending in a pic of my hawt red hooker heels.

Although, I'm scared that my sister-cousin (Cadance) will probably win this one. Dang! I'd be happy for her just the same.

Shauna said...

COUNT ME IN!!!! Picture coming your way soon! ♥ Hugs :)

Omgirl said...

I've got some awesome hooker heels. I may need to dust them off since I quit my poll dancing job when I was 8 months pregnant with my first baby.

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

LOL LOL LOL!!! THIS IS A FUNNY CONTEST!!! I have to say I heart the book part being added to the prize!

oh man,yeah sorry i don't got no hawt hooka heels......but maybe i can dig something up....

Karen said...

I' with Vanessa. I don't think they make hooker heels in a size 11. Hey Vaness, wanna make a trip to a Tranny Shop. They gotta have some hawt heels for those big footed men.

Cadance said...

how funny is it that I went to your blog to see when the deadline for my Hooker-heel pics had to be in by...and as soon as the page loaded it said "Spiritual Sunday"....I got a good laugh out of that!...I'm having my husband take the pics tonight so you should see them by tomorrow a.m. =)

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

This is so funny!
But, I have to say, I have no hooker heels! Really, I don't!
I'm a diva, remember? We don't do hooker! LOL LOL!!!

Anonymous said...


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