Wednesday, March 4, 2009

If it's Wednesday, then I'm wondering WHY?

I confess, I got nothing today. Well, nothing that is pressing, urgent or even mature. Just a couple of random observations that if someone has the answer or even a simple opinion, I would love to hear it.....

1. WHY, when you are exercising in the cold, does your nose automatically start to run? You know, the sudden build up of boogers that weren't there when you started, but now you can't control?

2. On the subject of bodily fluids (brace, I'm reverting to an 8 year old) - WHY when we blow our nose, or leave something behind in the toilet, are we compelled to look? WHY do we need to "check it out" You know you ALL do this. I'm not making it up, just wondering WHY the need?

3. And finally, WHY can't spring just come? WHY do we have to vacillate between winter and spring for like 8 weeks before it finally settles on a season? (okay, I realize that was more of a vent - sorry)

Enlightenment anyone?


:Jan the crazy lady: said...

I have nothing for ya here. Nothing. I don't have those bodily function answers to why we look. I have wondered myself. Maybe we are proud of our accomplishments on all levels :)

Bee and Rose said...

I found you through Tink...anyone who says "crap-a-doodle squared" is one the coolest people around!

LOVE your blog! You're stuck with me now;p

tiburon said...

Wish I knew.

Wish I had some answers.

I do however, have a couple of wonderings of my own:

1. WHY would someone drink a Monster in step class?

2. WHY would that same person finish off the Monster and then feel the need to burp in my ear?

Oh, and I TOTALLY look.


So said...

These questions have been tormenting great minds since the beginning of time and still no answers. Maybe Dr. Phil knows.

Cadance said...

OK..this is just really gross...but since you asked I'm sure the need to "look" comes from a natural built-in body reflex to alert you if there might be a problem...if you never look you might not see some type of medical symptom you need to get checked out...I don't know...that's all I've got for you. Ewwh..ok next post!

LaurieJ said...

You would think that the cold would actually freeze the boogers, not give them the ability to run wild. And it is my eyes that run. It looks like I am crying big fat tears (ok, so some runs I might be)

Vanessa said...

Why is the wind blowing 800 miles and hour so my kids can't go out in the play in the warmth?

Martha H. said...

I'm with Vanessa - why is the wind blowing so hard today? I gave myself a new hair-do walking in to work. Ugh! Looks like I just rolled out of bed and headed for the office.

Puh-leez! You know everyone looks in the kleenex and in the toilet. I think it's just a given.

I hate that my nose runs in the cold. What is up with that? I think it might be the bodies answer to keep the nostrils from freezing shut so you can still breathe. Who knows?

Becca said...

Here are my thoughts on question #2 (or should I just say #2). I'm going to compare it to crafting. When you make something, you like to look at it...whether it's cute or not, you look. And then you look again and again and again. You look, not because you love it, but because you have a vested interest. It was something YOU made and YOU put the time and effort into creating. It is a personal accomplishment and someone needs to admire your hard work. Right?
It works the same for bodily fluids--they are your body's personal craft project, and cute or not, you made them and you need to take a moment to appreciate them. And if you don't have a vested interest in that....
Happy Crafting!
That's why!