Sunday, March 15, 2009

Progressive Dinner - Part Deaux

Meet the fam! l-r Savannah, Terri, Tod, Chantelle, DJ

So remember how I mentioned I had like a whole roast still? Well TNT got home from Cancun Saturday, so we had them over for dinner tonight so we could hear all about their fun week in paradise!
They had a blast and since we've been to every one of the places with them too, it was fun to hear all about their adventures. Not gonna lie though, more than a little jealous of the tans that all 5 of them were sporting! Makes me want to go hit the fake bake just to get a little color!

Add in brownies and ice-cream for dessert and the evening was great! Lah, Lah, LOVE my TNT. Good.Times.
Aaaaaaannnnnnnddddd, only 51 more weeks until I'M in Cancun!!


Tink said...

Suhweet! Cancun sounds really divine right now and yep, they are sporting some good tans! Nice of you to have them all over for dinner! What great friends!

tiburon said...

Brownies are good - but I think that full grown Girl Scouts taste better with ice cream.

veronica said...

This must be your famous author sis-in-law! LOVE her books!