Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday - Missionary Update

Funny, how I was worried all week about him and the stupid volcano, and he was blissfully unaware......

Well, I dont know about you guys, but this week absolutly flew by really fast. I swear the mission just keeps going by faster and faster. Things are going good here though. Thanks for the emails, and especially the pictures, you guys know that I love getting pictures. I dont have many new pics so I am just going to be sending you guys one haha sorry.

A little off the subject and a good side note or I mean, a good FYI I finally showed my companion what a blue dart is, so that is good news eh? Dont worry I will have some videos and pics for when I get back haha.
And about this volcaneo.....I am not going to lie to you guys, I am really not sure what you are talking about. There WAS a volcaneo that irrupted in Chaiten a long time ago, actually when I started the mission basically, and all of the people were evacuated from there, but recently I havent heard anything. I havent even seen smoke nor ash. But was I was informed, is that I guess last night, there was an earthquake. A grade 4 I think. I am not sure I didnt feel anything, niether did my comp. It was in the night when we were sleeping haha. But sorry, really havent heard anything about the all haha.

I am glad that Chloee is being able to say my name, that does make me feel better about the fact that when I do get home, I dont think that she will know who I am, or even worse, that she will be scared. Either way, I am expecting the worse haha. I imagine that by the time that I come home, she will be able to say my name and know better who I am. How is her mom doing? Do you guys hear from her at all? Or how does that all work?

Did you guys send the email that I wanted to send to Chris? I cant email him directly but if you guys send the email, I can. Okay now for some of the questions........

1. What kind of white shirts do you want? Long sleeve or short sleeve? And tell me the size so I know what to send. The package will be sent this week, I'll include some Easter stuff for you too! : )
Long sleeve would be great. The size :( I am not sure. I would tell you guys but I am in my Pday clothes and I dont really know my size, sorry haha. Just the ones that we bought before would be great :)

2. What is the dominant religion there? Is it Catholic or what? It would be the Catholic for sure. In fact, there is a statue of Mary here in my sector and the people get together to pray to her. It sucks haha.

3. How are baptisms going? Any particular "goldens" you are working with? Still working on that one. I will let you know more about that the next week haha.

4. Is there anything you want/need us to do for you? Need anything besides shirts and P-day shirts? Jeans? Music? Flea collar? Nope I think that I am good to go. Maybe if you could, the Primary Songs in English or Spanish would be great, but only if you can haha.

Just so you guys know, we also have to read the BOM as a mission by the end of this month haha. It is going to be tough especially because of the little tim ethat we have to study, but of course it is possible.

IT is cool to hear that things are going good with basketball down there. I am sure that you guys will be taking either first or second like always.

I also will be taking out some money today, need to buy some stuff. Hope that it is okay with you guys. I didnt get my scriptures yet, I am going to have to wait another two weeks because of the transfers.... What is Corb up to by the way? I havent heard from him since Christmas..... Anyway parents I hope that you have a great week. Love you and thanks for all that you guys do for me. Miss ya all.

Elder Catmull

p.s. Can you add my comp to my facebook? His name is Mauricio Poujol. Thanks

Only 306 more days.........


So said...

Sounds like he is doing obliviously well!

tammy said...

So did that make you feel better that he didn't even know about the volcano?

Tink said...

What a precious letter from your missionary! He sounds awesome. Wow, a volcano? No worries, right? NOT. When I was on my mission, we had the chernobyl explosion...I'm probably still radioative from it. :) Have a great day.