Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday - Missionary Update

Subject: What? Winter?


How are you guys doing? Things are going good her. Pretty good as far as the missionary work here. We had one of our best weeks yet! Loved getting the letters, and especially the pictures. It is always good to SEE how things are going, not just by letter haha.
We are really starting to see the change in weather right now. It has been raining and it is cold. There is just one problem. I dont know if I told you guys the other emial, or even a while back, that the way cool jacket that I bought was left in one of the buses? That bus took off to Osorno, and there was no way of getting it back. It was a bummer cause that jacket was way warm. Now, I dont have another jacket like that haha. I do have a jacket for the rain, the same blue jacket that I have been using and that is working out just fine, but I think that I am going to need a jacket for the cold, because from what I heard, this winter is going to be COLD!! I am going to buy one. When? I am not sure, but I need to do it soon. I guess that it would be good if I wait for you guys to put more money in so that I can buy one .
I did get the package! Wow it was awesome, seriously! Thank you so much for everything that you guys sent me wow! The shirts fit fantastic and are perfect. The only thing that they dont have is a pocket in the front haha. That is okay though cause now that we are getting into winter, I will have to use a jacket so I guess that wont matter. The CD and the HYMN book is awesome, really thanks! The candy was great too! The only problem with that, is when I got the package, all of the chocolate was melted haha. It was just a bag of melted resses. So I just put it in the fridge and I have been eating it every morning haha. Also I did get my sctripures and I will be sending you guys some pics of that! They are so rad!
Speaking of good ideas, I got one. I am going to send you guys an SD card, full of pics and videos so that you guys can put it in your camera or even in the T.V. and see them all. After seeing them you guys can put pics and videos and then send it back to me! What do ya think? I really think that would be cool to see the pics, and especailly the videos haha. I will send it the same way that you guys sent me the Debt Card okay? As long as you guys put the pics and video in the comp or even on CD, you guys can erase what I send to you guys, and put your own stuff haha.
About you guys coming down there, it was just a thought. It really would be awesome seriously. Also, I am not sure what happens with the missionaries with the families that come to get them. Like, I dont know if they all can leave and take a look at all of the other sectors, or would it be just that little time in the mission home and off to the states. What I do know, is that when I do come home, I will be able to go through the Santiago Temple! That should be really cool!
Oh yeah also this week there was a funeral here in La Union. It wasnt a murdering or anything, but some dude, member of the chruch died. It was “speacial” in the fact that he was disabled. Was pretty sad, and there wasnt that many people there either. Two of my missionary buddies spoke. I am pretty sure that it was hard for his family, speacially since, they were less active.
Anyway that is about it for the week. This week if all works out should be a lot better than the lest. I guess that is what we want right? That every week we are improving? Anyway I hope you guys also have a good week! Love you guys and miss ya!

Elder Catmull

He also included pictures of the scripture covers he has been talking about for awhile. A woman makes these by hand and he ordered himself some. Very cool


tiburon said...

I like how he hinted several times that he needs some money.

And you are gonna give it to him.

I need some too.

For concert tickets.

devri said...

OH my! what a hansome missionary, Give him the money mom!!!!

And those scripture covers are to die for!

Missy said...

Love these updates!

AS Amber said...

Holy crap! Those scripture covers are awesome! He's such a cutie. I love how he writes. Reminds me of my cute nephew :)

Cadance said...

those covers are BEAUTIFUL!!!!