Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Straight from Camp LeJeune - What the media won't report.....

Warning - Political rant. Obamam lovers, just move on, nothing to see here......

This is one of many e-mails out of the Camp LeJeune area regarding Obama's recent visit. Most report that the visit was closely orchestrated by Obama's handlers to ensure he got the best photo ops.

".....but my main point would be, why did it tee me off to hear Obama spout out Semper Fi and OooRah! This moron has no right to be trying to sound like he knows what we share!!! I am surprised he did not wear his basketball t-shirt with USMC in bold. The only thing as bad was Kerry "Reporting for duty" with a salute!
Well, the enemy knows our plan now! I would not want to be a civilian contractor in Baghdad in 2010; or an Iraqi anywhere in country who had helped America !"
SF, Ron

February 27, 2009
Obama skips National Anthem at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
Camp LeJeune, NC -- President Barack Obama did NOT come out on stage for the singing of the National Anthem at his Camp LeJeune speech given at 12:00 Noon today.

The Marine Band played "Ruffles and Flourishes" but Obama did not come out. The Secretary of Defense, Marine Corps Generals and a Navy Admiral came out. The Marine Corps Chaplain came out and said a Prayer.

A lone female sang the National Anthem and after it was sung, the Marine Band again played "Ruffles and Flourishes," a speaker introduced the President and only then did the Band play "Hail to the Chief" and did President Obama come out.

This struck me as very odd. Why did the President not come out for the prayer? Why did the President not come out for the National Anthem?

This was no mistake. This was a slap in the face by the President, to the entire nation and it did not go unnoticed.

I tried to find disputation out there that this wasn't true, and can't. Not even snopes. It was sent to me from family who live there and are tightly connected to the troops. Retired Colonel. I trust the source. That being said, and assuming this is correct, what else is not being reported to us? (Or maybe you all have already known this, and it's old news, and I'm just reeeeeaaaallly slow on the uptake)

I think it begs the question, what kind of President of the United States, which, by the way, is "one nation under God", would be so arrogant as to intentionally bypass the prayer and National Anthem? He is the commander in chief to the troops, yet right on their own home turf displays an utter lack of respect for some core values that they are sacrificing for. Not only am I severely disappointed in President Obama's particular choice on this occasion, but am greatly concerned with the message that he chose to send. In fact, as I have read, and re-read this email, I have been struck with some deep thinking. You're wondering, deep thinking? From little-miss-flippant? Who knew she had it in her? Well, I do. And I am.

Things with our current President and his administration are NOT boding well. What can I do about it? Is there anything I CAN do? Am I stuck just sitting by, stocking up on cash and food and waiting for the Apocalypse while watching my country, it's constitution, values and principles be flung to the wayside? Do I stand idly by while an administration continues to move us from a capitalistic nation (on which we were founded) to one of socialism? Nope. I'm only one voice, but being the mother of boys, I am a LOUD voice, and don't need to stay quiet.

While many express fear and uncertainty with the current economic crisis, unemployment rate and lack of health care, I am expressing concerned interest. I refuse to be scared. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I am not the sharpest tool in shed, the brightest bulb in the four-way or whatever other clever analogy you choose to insert here. But I will say that I won't just follow along with what the government tells me is the best way to do things. God put me here on earth, gave me agency and a brain, and I will use it.

So be forewarned, from time to time, maybe once a week, but not any more frequent than that, I'll be posting a rant or other political discussion. Mostly for my own venting benefit, perhaps to educate others by sharing information, and finally for my posterity sake. This is my on-line journal after all. I will not post something that I don't personally feel is valid or is untrue. Will some things be incorrect? Hopefully never, but know that if something slips through that doesn't pan out as fact, that my intent is not to deceive but is a sincere desire to be as accurate as possible and if proven otherwise, will quickly rescind any inaccurate information. However, the majority of the time, it will be my own feelings on a particular current event.

I'll be fair and warn you at the beginning of the post so if you are completely uninterested, you can just clickety click out, or hit 'mark as read'.

And until I start getting nasty comments, I'll leave them turned on, because I love to know what others think as well. Even if we disagree. Okay, not really, but it sounds good right? Noooooo just kidding, if I didn't want to know what others thought, I would turn off comments right?

So, consider this the first official Red-Faced Rant.......


Pedaling said...

a few things...
first, very well written and thought out.
"not the sharpest tool in the shed?" i beg to differ...
you know i feel the "intellectuals" try to intimidate and bully. we don't necessarily want to be categorized with them- the left, the progressives, want us to give up and shut up-
i love that you refuse.
i also refuse.
i too enjoy hearing comments & thoughts from both sides- don't really like it much when i get some leftist slamming some of my readers or those few who i still respect in the political arena, but i do enjoy learning and trying to understand where someone is coming from even if they are way off base.
i will look forward to your thoughts, politically.

tammy said...

You go! I really and truly think that we have a duty in this blogging world to share our views, the injustices that we find, as well as our testimonies. I don't want to be one that buries my head in the sand either. I look forward to your future posts too!

Becca said...

Wahoo for you! I think more people need to stand up and speak out! I wish that there was more to do, but at least it's a start! Last week I had two ranting posts and it got me thinking more and more about things. I found them empowering. Doing stuff like that makes me think more, challenge myself and reassess and/or reaffirm my beliefs. Hearing other people do the same gives me more to think about too! So bring on the red-faced rants!

Jackie said...

You are right! There is so much more we can do, and should do, other than sit at home and complain when you hear the catch phrase, "Worst economic crisis since the great depression" a MILLION times.

Because that is what I have been doing.
Shame on me.

Catmando said...

Full disclosure. I'm a moderate independent in my political temperament. That disclosed, I have my suspicions that this is true. Search Google for "Obama anthem" and you'll find all kinds of hits. It's like a best of. That's not to say that he has never had "issues" with the Anthem. Clearly he is captured in images in Iowa (2007) where he did not put his hand on his heart (http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/anthem.asp). However, if this was a frequent occurrence, I would expect more diverse image bank instead of copy after copy after copy of the same Iowa picture.

Secondly, in watching the video on CNN (http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/politics/2009/02/27/obama.iraq.pullout.entire.cnn.html) of the LeJeune talk I would like to point out a few things: 1) Obama made reference to the "stirring rendition" of the Anthem early in his speech. 2)Has anyone really watched the whole video to get the content of the message or relying solely on anecdotal emails/stories?

There is a least one contrary report to the LeJeunue account out there (http://www.blackfive.net/main/2009/03/president-obama.html). The sources are not verifiable but at least this author notes at least some quibbles he has with Obama while refuting.

Don't mistake me for an Obama cheerleader. I did vote for him and largely I'm not disappointed. Do I have some concerns, yes. But no President ever represents my views completely.

For example, I wish we as a collective people had more constitution to stomach loses when markets crash. Instead, what we do is take the ride up, and then demand action and heads when things go wrong. We want all of the benefits of free markets and no government intervention as long as things are going well but the cries for help increase in volume when markets correct/fail. When we have a <2% (and recently a negative) savings rate as a nation, what resources are we going to draw on when our rosy future does not materialize?

There is no doubt. Let me repeat that no doubt in my mind that if we had let institutions like AIG fail we would have a very nasty economic event. It was scary enough that Secretary of the treasury Paulson (Bush's appointee) who is one of the greatest champions of free-markets did an about face and will probably be known as one of the most interventionist Secretaries of the Treasury (possibility that Geitner could always eclipse him).

Am I happy that we are bailing out AIG and other institutions? No! But I realize we just don't have the collective stomach as a nation to reap the huge unemployment rate that would have ensued. We live in a leveraged nation. Personal and nationally. Thank goodness we do have states like Utah that manage their money well.

Things I definitely like about Obama:

1) He can communicate.
2) He is a good listener (reported by Governor Huntsman (http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1208/16153.html) and Secretary Robert Gates (Bush appointee) (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29453760/)
3) He thus far does not play silly games like ignoring the spending on Iraq and Afghanistan in the budget (The Bush Administration always insisted that it be "emergency" for 8+ years so it would not apply to the deficit.

Things that I'm concerned about:

1) Budget deficits. Wow! Pretty ambitious could be reckless. Let's see what the legislature does with it (have you contacted your representatives in Congress?)
2) Social programs. I'm socially conservative.
3) Union stance. I think that in most cases unions versus management just make for bad situation. There were great when we had far more difficult working conditions and I suppose they make a nice deterrent (Walmart case study).

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

I would love to voice my opinion but I am so politically-handicapped in even understanding most things involved, but all I know is I feel like Obama is a good communicator....in that he knows just how to word things to LIE and DECEIVE the American people. One thing I have been good at is detecting when someone is lying to me and I KNOW he is deceitful. Of course probably every president has had their little 'deceitful' attributes, but I think Obama is way more deceitful.

So I have to say I am glad you post these things and I trust the source you got the info from too ;)

nikkicrumpet said...

I'm glad you're doing this...and boy oh boy there should be PLENTY of things to rant about. I'm afraid for this country like never before. And what really scares me is that the media covers up and refuses to report anything negative about this president. Never before has a president been so able to do things without fear of having them be reported by the mainstream media. He is being given a pass and it allows him to do things no leader ever should. His little Youth corps scares the crap out of me. And every day it seems to get worse and worse. I'm afraid he'll eventually stop the voices of discent like Rush and Glenn Beck. When that day comes we'll have no idea what is actually going on. I look forward to your posts. I'm sure they will be as well written and thoughful as this one was. THANKS!

Cadance said...

I love how you started...Obama lovers...just move on...nothing to see here!!! LOL!

I'm with you that I'm a "loud" mom too...being a mother of boys! It just comes with the territory!

and last but not least....AGH!!!! I intensely dislike people with NO RESPECT...and this post was about one of those people!

Shawn said...

I will say it now and get it out. I don't like Obama and I don't trust him.

That is all that I am sayin. I am hoping that I am wrong, but there is just something too smooth about that man---and I don't believe much of what he says.

I started watching "Lie To Me"---its a great show, because they show how different people use body language and facial changes to show what they are really feeling. They have used Obama a couple of times for example----hmmm, interesting---someone that writes for that show doesn't like him much either.

Anonymous said...

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