Sunday, March 29, 2009

And the winner is............

Remember my little contest involving the Hawtest Hooker Heels?

Such fun. Really! Some of you gals have some pretty HAWT shoes! The voting began last week and ended last night at midnight. All total there were 96 votes. Is that a lot? I have no idea, I've never done a voting contest before. Maybe it's not, and I really AM not popular and no one wants to be my friend (my suspicion all along). But I digress.

The race stayed very tight between two sets of heels.
Exhibit Bsubmitted by Cadance over at The Rowland Family

And Exhibit Gsubmitted by Shauna over at Trying to Stay Calm
Right up until last night, it was still close. Within 11 votes! But in the end....... with 52 votes the winner is...............
oh wait, there is an honorable mention. Ohmgirl forgot to get her heels picture to me in time, but heck, let's post it anyway.

Oh crap, I just went to go find the picture and I am a SCHMUTZ! I can't find it. So sorry Arianne, but you are an honorable mention. Even if you are now a year older. Happy Birthday! But I digress yet again. What was I doing? .......????......Oh yeah! Announcing the winner.

The winner is.................

Did I mention again what the winner gets? I might not have. They get this little treasure trove of delights:
A flirty apron made by the EG Karen at Karen's Little Korner Hop on over there and tell her to post more!
A tube of Miracle Foot Repair for your feet. Best stuff evah!
A beautiful purple polish to make your toes sparkle
A Burt's Bee's lip gloss - because, really, is there anything better for your lips than Burt's Bees?
And a signed copy of Having Hope by my BFF SIL Terri. If the winner hasn't read the first one, Finding Faith, let me know and I can probably get you a discounted, signed copy so you can read them in order (not that you have to, you don't). GREAT BOOKS!

Okay, so now to the big announcement............

Exhibit G!!! Shauna - you are the WINNER! Congratulations to YOU!! Send me you mailing deets and I'll get the treasure trove of delights right out to you.

And thanks everyone for playing. For either submitting heels and/or voting. I'm so glad that I didn't have to pick the winner. Just too.much.pressure. And the past week, my blog got so many hits that I was validated as a human being for a little while. So much in fact, that perhaps another give away will be in the near future.

Last three items of business for this post -
A big shout out to Cadance (my newly adopted cousin/sister) for amusing us with her pictures of her pole. Mmm, wonder what she uses THAT for? Maybe on her next trip to Utah, we could do a meet and greet and she could teach us Utah girls a trick or two!

And a final big congrats to Shauna!! She really pulled it out and was a FUN contestant! YEAH for her!

And finally, xoxoxox to all!


Vanessa said...

Nothing like teasing us with who the winner is. Congrats!

Shauna said...

YAHOO!!! THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH! I am way excited!!! I will send you an e-mail right now :)
♥ Hugs ♥

nikkicrumpet said...

Congrats Shauna...they were hot shoes!

AS Amber said...

So freaking HAWT!!! I almost fell of my seat during the post, though. I was on the edge of it the whole time! Sheesh!

Omgirl said...

Thanks for the honorable mention! I tried to find the pic I sent you and it has vanished into thin air! I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Cadance said...

Here is what Sean says about this contest via e-mail:

You won hands down! It was a conspiracy!

....I know he has a "prize" waiting for me...LOL!!!!