Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back to church ball - and yet ANOTHER win!!

Okay, still in region play, and our priests pulled it out again!

Happy to say, no technical fouls, no injuries, and no members will need to speak with their bishops tomorrow. Our young men played well, and were even better sportsmen. Which is easy of course when you are winning the whole game. That being said, HUGE props go to the opposing team who conducted themselves equally well, while in a frustrating battle. Okay, except for the one dude that fouled every time he got in the game. He just couldn't keep it together. Note to said dude: "The harder you hit, shove, push, slap or, yes, TACKLE the opponent does not prove any point other than you are out of control and need to ride the pine."

Congrat's 57th ward! Thursday is the night of the semi-finals, so between now and then, make sure everyone of you says your prayers, reads your scriptures and for crying out loud, turn in your tithing that you have ready for like 6 weeks already that you just forgetting to hand over. It will bring you good luck!

Discussing the game plan at start time. Notice Jesus looking on. Good sign.

Tuffy bringing the ball in.

Someone needs a Monster. Or an energy shot - he appears to be wiped!

The team after, their big win. Can you tell there were multiple cameras?

Tuffy and his bestie BrockStar


tammy said...

Laughing at your advice to them.

tiburon said...

Tuffy is a total ROCKSTAR.

I hope they can bring it on Thursday!

Cadance said...

Love the message you left for "said foul-champion"!

Becca said...

I'm ball that didn't require a visit to the bishop must have great kids on that team!

veronica said...

I love that they have a picture of Jesus in the gym!