Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

Lot's of little things are just "tickling me pink" today:

1. That I was able to shave 7 seconds off my mile. I clocked in at 6:55 Monday morning. YESSSSSS!!!

2. That Tuffy is so self-reliant. He does early morning seminary and I am gone to the gym when he needs to get up. EVERY morning, he gets himself up, ready and goes. He really is the most self-sufficient kid I have ever known. If he's hungry, he'll make something. He's been known to make a pan of lasagna after school just cause he's hungry. If he needs clean clothes, he does laundry. The list could go on and on. It just "tickles" me that he is so self-reliant!

3. That it appears Shark is on the mend! Really, I have had more than enough of her sickness and gym absence already.

4. That today is C's birthday and that we get to celebrate with our traditional lunch together. I started this when they were just toddlers. They pick the place. I take them. If they were in school, they got to get checked out to go for their special date with just me. A very fun tradition. Happy Birthday C! Big double deuce!

5. Most of all I am tickled with some good news we got yesterday. Splenda had a CT last Friday. Doc said, he thought it would confirm his initial dx and that we would discuss next steps when he gets back into town. Well, who wants to wait clear until 4/6 for news? Not us! Especially when the information we had just been given was so depressing. So, a little consent form signed here, a little faxing there, and one email later and we had his COMPLETE exam from beginning to end from last Friday. Let me qualify. We are NOT medical experts. But I've been in the business long enough to know enough a few things. Right now, things are looking good!!!! Real Good!! We still of course need to talk to Doc and there is definitely something there, but as for dire? Perhaps not! Here's to being "tickled" by this news and the feelings of hope and joy it has instilled. Splenda is still shopping for his 'stang GT though..... : )

Anything in particular "tickling you pink" today?


tiburon said...


I am so glad to hear about D :)

And where are you and C going for lunch?

Kristina P. said...

I'm so happy things are looking up!!

debilyn said...

Ohmigosh...I'm so happy for you right now!

And I'm doing my happy dance for your self-reliant kiddo...I've got one of those, too, and it makes me so proud of him!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Happy Days Melissa. I am so glad to hear that news.

Martha H. said...

Hooray! Can't wait to hear more.

BTW - where the hell are you today? Why aren't you here with me and the EG?

I am NOT tickled pink by the fact that you aren't here with us. Just sayin'...


SO said...

You have every right to be tickled pink! Yay!

And I've been doing the same thing with my kids in taking them out to lunch on their birthday's. They love it.

tammy said...

Awesome news!

I like your tradition too. I think I need to start doing that with my boys. Except Taylor will always be mad that he doesn't get to miss school for it and his brother does since he has a July b-day.

And could Tuffy please come teach my 12 yr old how to be self reliant? Seriously.

rychelle said...

I am tickled pink that I no longer have to attend early morning seminary!

(glad to hear your good news!)

Pedaling said...

your wonderful news is what is tickling me pink.

and yay for self reliant kids- we all need a few of those in our lives.

and regarding the woman of steel.
i'm wondering if i still even want to do it....i am not feeling the love.

Anonymous said...

What great news, what a relief!

Seven seconds, niiice-you go girl!

Tickling me pink...my pain medication, I am so happy to have it!

Vanessa said...

DAMN! I need to kick it in to gear. You have 3 minutes on me. My ten min. mile that is.

Glad to hear it is some good news. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Omgirl said...

I'm having a sh*#@!*y week, so hearing your good news is a nice change. (Don't ask. LOOONG story. Let's just say it's financial and doesn't have a happy ending.) Yeah for good news!

Becca said...

Hip Hip Horray! I'm sure you're breathing, sleeping, and just plain living easier today!

Also--way to go on the 6:55, I'm impressed!

Sher said...

6:55?!!! Are you freakin' kidding me?!! I'm feeling pretty good when I clock in at 8:55.
Maybe I don't want to do the half with you, I won't be able to keep up?!
That reminds me: We might have a space open in our Ragnar team, if you're interested. We could use a fast chica, like yourself.

Sher said...

p.s. I'm happy to hear the good news about Splenda. That's the power of prayer.

Cadance said...

That is Awesome news on the medical front!!!!! Yea!

Ditto with Rychelle that I NO Longer have Early Morning Seminary....I believe it is a form of torture!...and should be outlawed!

other than that....I'm tickled Pink that the day is almost to the point where I get to relax with the honey on the couch and watch TV.

and honestly right at this second I'm a little grossed out because my 3 year old just insisted I make him a turkey sandwich with ketchup...AND he is actually eating it...I think I'm gonna be sick!

kimberly said...

Oh Melissa, I haven't read your blog for a couple days and I just got caught up. I was so sorry to hear about D. You and him are in our thoughts and prayers. I was so glad to hear that you got some good news today. Please keep me updated and let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you!

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

SO GLAD things are BETTER!!! and way to go Tuffy! a pan of lasagna! I am impressed!