Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Missionary Update

(old picture - AGAIN)

Hey how are you guys doing? All things are going good here in Valdivia. It really is getting cold down here. When it doesnt rain, it is very cold in the night. But I am actually glad because now all of my clothes have been given time to dry

HI Catmull family... i am Elder Catmull Companion and just want to say hi and thanks for the skittles J See you in the future maybe in Sates someday or here mi casa es su casa ah.. your son is a example for me every day he teachme somthing new and i will be always thanfully for preparing your son for be a missionary . I love you guys. Elder Cuadra.

Haha that was my comp, I had to switch comps to write about the interchanges that we had the last week and my comp just wanted to write to you guys. Anyways like I was saying, it is a good chance for my clothes to dry. I havent gotten the letter from you guys yet....... but I did get the package from Griffin. If it doesnt come this week it would be a good idea to try and send it again, and if you guys need to by airmail. I am not sure if it is going to cost a lot more, I hope that it doesnt.
We are seeing a lot of success here in this sector. We just had an entire family last night make a “pact” with God to live the word of wisdom to prepare themselves to be baptized. We also have a kid, who was emo, turn completely around and want to get baptized. He wants to get baptized this sat, but he will not be able to cause he is still haveing problems with smoking. He has actually gotten to the point of taking all of his piercings off. That really was a miracle. We have a lot of other families that are going great, but still no baptizm here. Soon they will come...... Also that doesnt suprise me at all that the Bishop is S B. I guess we kinda all knew it and I am excited to come home to him being bishop! Haha and I guess that he really is a true friend huh dad? Letting you have more time on Sundays and throughout the week by not giving you a calling haha.
The other day I had a good time making cookies with my comp and another missionary that is in our zone called Elder Riches. I think for the first time here in Chile I saw a package to make some chocalte chuck cookies. All it needs is egg, and water and good to go. What we didnt have was anything to mix it with. So I just used my hands to mix it up. It was kinda fun haha and I think that i am going to do that again. The cookies turned out good and we ended up giving some of them to some of the members. My companain was about to throw up cause I was mixing it all with my hands and he was all grossed out. I think that this next week we are going to do brownies and for the next time we will bring something to mix the stuff haha. I am not sure why but I didnt get a letter from mom. I hope that everything is okay. I love you guiys so much and miss you guys. Have a great week!!1 Oh and if you could please send the next two letters to griff and Josh that would be great, thanks!!

Elder Catmull

**Im getting more than worried that his debit card hasn't made it to him yet. His birthday is in two weeks - frantically getting a package out the door! I also didn't include his letters to his friends, they were too personal this time. But he does tell them about how the food right now sucks, he has gotten back down to his pre-mission weight. He's a skinny little thing!


GRAMEE said...

i have followed your blog for some months maybe since the first of the year.. i really enjoy your rides and runs your grandbabie everything about your blog. but i love the missionary updates. i just want to thank you for sharing him with us. even those of us who don't know him and will never meet him. i really enjoy him..
just thanks..

tammy said...

If I was desperate for some cookies, I'd use my hands too! I'm kind of desperate for some right now. Hope the debit card turns up!

Shawn said...

Still love reading about your great son! It is so wonderful to live vicariously through you....

Jo said...

Awww, how sweet is your letter from your boy?

Kasha said...

What a sweet missionary. You did a good job mom! We just sent off the Reflections of Christ c.d. to our missionary in the family. He loved it. I wonder if that would make a good bday gift if he doesn't already have it.

Kasha said...

P.S. I am so excited for your vacation in 2010.

Terresa said...

I love this! It's the first missionary email that I've read as a blog post. Maybe being a R.M. myself has something to do with the thrill I feel reading it.

The stuff missionaries experience...what they think they will learn and how they return (usually softer, gentler, humbled) are such 2 different things.

PS: Love the wet clothes part. My mission was in Uruguay and due to humidity, our towels were rarely, if ever dry.

Kado! said...


Plain Jame said...

Love that he'll use his hands to bring about cookies.

He look like yo baby daddy.

tiburon said...

Awww I am sad the food sucks! That would be my biggest fear about going on a mission - getting called to a place where they eat weird food!