Sunday, August 16, 2009

Top 25 Reasons Why I Love Splenda Daddy

25. He's tall. Tall enough that it required a CalKing bed.
24. He took me to NYC and the original Yankee stadium before it was torn down.
23. He's incredibly smart.
22. He constantly thinks "in the future"
21. He is a realist - he leaves the pipe dreaming to me
20. He is great with the young men in our ward. Heck, he's great with all the youth.
19. He's a fantastic father who teaches and leads with the Spirit.
18. He is the epitome of integrity.
17. He's quietly very witty. When he does speak up, he is funny.
16. He lets me be the center of attention.
15. He is good to his Mom. He thinks about her, does things for her and is so kind.
14. He can fix anything. And if there is something out of his league, he is not afraid to get help.
13. He pays all the bills and manage my retirement fund.
12. He is extremely fair and non-judgmental. And reminds me to be the same.
11. He doesn't waver on his values.
10. He is a hard-worker.
9. His wallet hugs his butt like spanx unless it involves something important, of sentimental value or helping other people. Then the L totally gets dropped and he is the Spenda Daddy.
8. He is wise, rational, methodical and careful about every decision he makes.
7. Unless impossible, he is at my every finish line.
6. He gives me great ideas for blog posts.
5. He is a great listener.
4. He doesn't try to "fix" my problems unless I ask him to. Otherwise, he lets me vent. A.lot.
3. He doesn't complain when I spend hours and hours at the gym or working out.
2. He is completely honest with me all the time. He values trust.


1. He is the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly, the rudder to my boat, my everything. Without him, I am.....................incomplete.


Cherie said...

This is why your marraige is so strong - It is good to remember exactly why you are grateful!
Your hubby sounds like a great guy!

Happy Anniversary!

Your Park City adventure looks so fun - I wish I could bike ride like that!! You are strong!!

The Garden of Egan said...

Looks like a keeper! Totally love your blog, it keeps me smiling.

Pedaling said...

if you die and big daddy dies, can i marry him?

Plain Jame said...

OH thats a great one! And hello - that smile he's got in that picture - I really see the same smile in the photos of your missionary!

tiburon said...

I heart Spenda cause he looks at my ass. (Not that he could miss it...)

tammy said...

And you so deserve him!

Shawn said...

What an amazing great to see how wonderful your relationship is----so hard to find, these days!

And you guys are ADORABLE together!

Kristina P. said...

Isn't it great when you find your perfect fit?

And my husband wouldn't want to be the center of attention, in a million years.

Erin said...

How sweet! My favorite was the Spenda Daddy. Cute. Happy anniversary to you two.

Anonymous said...

A keeper for sure!

Terri Ferran said...

Aunt 'Em & Uncle Duh

You're a perfect pair. You go together like diet Coke and Splenda!

Ick! That's Coke Zero, which leaves a nasty aftertaste.

You go together like diet Coke and Chocolate!

Kado! said...

You guys are Perfect! I'm glad you found each other!!!!!!

Omgirl said...

AWwww! How sweet. It's so encouraging to hear you be so in love with him after so long.