Tuesday, August 11, 2009

High Adventure - Scout camp 2009

Okay, I understand there are differences in young women and young men. And quite frankly I appreciate them and are grateful for them.
However when it comes to camp.....WTC???

Girl's camp has a lot of time talking, hugging, writing love letters to each other, changing their clothes, crafting, doing sweet and kind things for their secret sister, and crying at testimony meeting. It's all great, and I love it. Don't get me wrong. But when I saw and heard about all the fun the BOYS had on their camp, I admit I am a tich jealous.

Flaming Gorge
Rafting down the Green River, fishing in the early morning, swimming in the lake, crawdad hunting and eating them, campfires, shooting the breeze, and the ultimate - cliff diving!

Splenda and a couple of other leaders took 9 boys on this camp. They had a 15 foot cliff jump
and then the big 45. All but two did the 45 jump.

Yes that is my Tuffy. 45 foot jump! He is terrified of heights, so this was a HUGE accomplishment! I am uber proud of him.

What a fantastic lesson in faith. These boys are all great young men. They were in charge of cooking their own food, cleaning everything up, taking care of all their equipment and making sure everyone had a good time. We have a particular young man who is autistic. He is about 19 or 20 now, but from the time he was little, the young men in our ward have been his entourage. While he is quite high functioning and progresses all the time, he is still the one the boys would defend to the death. They are highly protective of him. It is a joy to watch.

I guess the differences in YW camp and YM camp are good. I guess they are warranted and necessary just due to the fact that they are different genders. But sometimes I think each group gets gypped just a little. The girls could have more exciting adventure's like cliff jumping and the boys could be have a testimony meeting and cry and hug. Just saying.....


tiburon said...

I feel gypped. I wanna go cliff diving.

I don't want to hug so much.

tiburon said...

Oh and Tuffy is a total rock star!

glittersmama said...

Yeah. What's the deal? I like girls camp, but I could definitely do with fewer time-wasting crafts.

Martha H. said...

Camping and I do not get along so much, as you well know.

But, I would like to see the boys getting to do some hugging and talking about their feelings. That would be hilarious. I can sense the uncomfortableness just thinking about it.

Glad Splenda and Tuffy had such a grand time.

Kado! said...

WOW!!! What a jump!

tammy said...

Seriously, they get to do the most fun stuff. Taylor's scout troop just went waterskiing.

veronica said...

I snorted when I saw the comment that pops up on the YouTube video!
He may never be the same.