Wednesday, September 2, 2009

America - Change - And who is our President surrounding himself with?

I don't want my blog to become a political one. I started it for fun, journal keeping, creative outlet, and on the side, made some amazing friends.

However, times dictate that I have a voice about things that are important. Therefore, as I mentioned once before if I come across something that I feel needs to be shared, I'm gonna be turning political for a few minutes to share it. Also, won't it be interesting to look back on these in a few years?

If you know me, you know I lean towards the conservative side. That being said, my father was a proud democrat until the day he died. Many of that party's positive views were instilled in me, and I like to think I am open minded, fair and try to look at all angles. I do not disregard the good from either "side of the aisle". As I grow older and mature, I find that most of my core beliefs and values tend to lean more to the right. However, I am against any kind of extremist behavior or views. I really believe if my dad saw the Democratic party in it's current state, he would not believe it! He was an attorney and versed in the law. Now, more than ever, I wish he were here to get his views and insights.

Right now, I find myself a little disenchanted with both Republicans and Democrats. I think politicians in general have become, for the most part, quite corrupt. I believe many started in office with good intentions, but when money and power become involved, it becomes hard to stay focused on the will of the people and the true purpose of public service. Right now I find myself in the middle.

Yes, I watch Glenn Beck and others on Fox news. Before you make the assumption (which seems to happen when I mention I watch Beck) that I am now a fanatic, I also watch MSNBC, CNN, and the three major networks. I read blogs from people on the right, I read blogs from people on the left. I concede that I am sometimes not the brightest bulb in the chandelier and can often be an airhead, but I am not stupid, can think for myself, and come to my own educated conclusions. I am also not afraid to ask questions of those that I trust.

I have been following some interesting and yes, quite concerning stories on a cable news program for the past several days. Last night's was a kicker. I can't stay quiet anymore.

Please take the time to watch the video. I realize it's long. You'll need to settle down, get a diet coke, grab a chocolate snack, and pay attention.

After watching it, ask yourself, is this right? Is this what I can live with?
If you think he's wrong, PROVE IT! I beg of you. PROVE. HIM. WRONG.

If you can't, then we need to act friends. We cannot stand idly by and see our country, our principles, our very constitution become a shambles. (sorry you have to link over, I tried multiple times to embed...)

And yes, I allow comments, I don't moderate them, I'll even take anon comments, but if you have something to say please be respectful, use facts and don't get personal.


tammy said...

I'm with you. I keep thinking I need to stop with so many political posts, but then I hear or see something that just gets me going and I have to speak up. And then some people tell me that if it weren't for my blog, they wouldn't know what was going on. So that makes me feel the need to do more.

I also was never one to follow a certain party. I've adopted Jan's I Belong to the Party of Common Sense motto.

Okay, off to watch the video now...

Pedaling said...

i enjoy blogs with a bit of variety...
a little politics, random stuff- things to buy, recipes and of course a peek into their family life.

great non-judgmental, intelligently said post.

tammy said...

Thanks for the link. I had DVR'd Glenn, but hadn't watched it yet. I am completely scared by the people that the president is surrounding himself with. My only hope is that people are finally waking up and seeing exactly what he is doing. And I'm thankful for the people that are speaking out.

I heard the new Bon Jovi song today, called We Weren't Born to Follow. Have you heard it yet? Loving the words.

tammy said...

Um, nevermind....Luvpilot just said Bon Jovi's a liberal...

Plain Jame said...

I have felt lately that I am in a small corner off to the side - wondering "am I the only one that feels this way?" So I'm glad that it's not just me!
I have always always had a hard time with political parties and choosing sides. Then berate the other side. Argue with the other side. Finally, hate the other side.

So in closing, I love cake.