Monday, August 3, 2009

Missionary Monday - update

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Hey mom and dad, how are you guys doing? I am doing great here in CHILE!!! This week went flying by as normal, and I really am caught up in a bunch of work here. I was really glad to get your letters and the pics that you guys sent to me! Oh and thank you guys so much for sending me the debit card. I really am in need of that. Sorry that I lost it! I will try not to let it happen again.
Okay, to start off I would just like to give you guys a heads up on the time that I have left here… Every transfer, as you guys know is 6 weeks. There are transfers at the end of August. After this transfer there are only 3 transfers left!! This means the following… This next transfer I will be getting a letter (its called the Moroni Letter) which tells me that I should get ready to pack the bags… There is like a slip thing that I am supposed to fill out with some information. I am not really sure what is on the slip, I have only seen like 2 letters, but I will be getting that this next transfer… I really don’t have that much time left!!!!
Thanks for sending the package! I will be looking forward to getting that. Also I just wanted to say congrats to you guys for…. RUNNING A 5K TOGETHER. Like I have always said, I honestly just feel tired thinking about running that long. I run from one block to the other, and I am beat! Things are going great with me and my comp. We get along great and the District Leaders are great too. One of them is Elder Sumrall. Maybe you have heard of his Dad on the news, but he is the son of Theodore Sumrall, who is being charged of robbing money to do a study of energy or something like that. Its kinda weird, but I felt bad for him cause he is getting letters of how is dad is doing in prison.
Okay, enough of that. Dad, sounds good to me that you guys are going to go on a scout camp. I don’t know if I told you guys, but there is scouts here in Chile. It is a little bit different than what we do at the house, and how it works, but it is kinda the same in a way. They also have scout camps too. Kinda cool. Also mom wanted to wish you a happy birthday!!!! I would send you something, but… I am afraid that it will get lost or stolen L HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! Oh by the way dad, I didn’t eat a Mickey D´s I think that we are going to go today. The problem is that it is really expensive! The Bigmac is like 6 bucks!! Kinda crappy but whatever. There is another restaurant that we eat at called Shopdog! It’s a hotdog place and is really good!
I miss you guys and love you. We should have some baptisms this month if all goes well! Love you guys !!

Elder Catmull


What is going on dude! Good to hear from ya this week dude. I know can you bieve that I only have 5 months left here in the mish? 5 months is like nothing dude. Before you know it, I will be playing a game if G.O.W. with ya Sat morning eating some Fruit Loops!! YEAH! Anyway I am loving the mish dude, you don’t even know how awesome it is. I could try all day to try and explain it through internet, but it wont be the same. There are some great stories that I want to tell you guys too when I get back. Keeping up the Rock Band stuff? That is pretty sweet! I am not going to lie you to, the other day I saw a pic of you on the 4 wheeler and dude, you are huge man. You really are getting big. I on the other hand… not getting any bigger. I am just staying the same as always. I guess I deserve that cause I am not doing any kind of exercise. Keep up the good work man. I miss ya and love ya.

Elder Catmull


tammy said...

$6 for a Big Mac? Wow. Wonder if it's bigger than ours. I swear everytimg my son gets one it looks smaller. Remember when they used to be BIG Macs?

Glad everything it good on the mission front.

tammy said...

"IS good"

Cherie said...

Love the missionary update! As much as you want them to come home you miss those very fun missionary style letters. I am so grateful for all of these wonderful YM serving all over the world.

Hi BTW - I see you comment on many of the same blogs I comment on so I am just checking out your blog :D

Happy Day!

Jan said...

Holy mark up. McDonalds there is like golden nuggets instead of chicken.

How fun. I love that flowing whatever that is.

Shawn said...

So cute that he still loves to go to Mickey D's---but 6.00?

Plain Jame said...

Golden. He's such a good kid, I hope mine grows up just like him.

I love that picture too!

tiburon said...

I can't believe how fast the time is going!!!

tiburon said...

Oh and one time - in high school - I ate a Big Mac in 3 bites!