Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tickle me Pink Tuesday - Part II

I have been saving this little ditty for just today, and then what did I do? TOTALLY FORGOT IT! That is what happens when you get old. For reals.

Shawn over at Swaneesinger gave me a blog award. Let me start by saying that if you aren't reading Shawn already, you need to. Seriously, get over there and start blurking around. If I could be half as talented and gorgeous as she is, I would be a happy woman. And one of these days, when I get back to the east coast for a visit, she will be on list of people I will meet IRL for sure!! Annnnddddd - I love it when she talks about her "gigs". She is a certified super star!!

Anyhooo..... back to the little award. She gave me a small shout out and for that I am grateful.

Isn't the blogging world so dang much fun? You get to "meet" and "talk" to so many cool and interesting people that you might not otherwise gotten the chance to meet.

You get to read inspiring stuff, moving stories and "share" in other's life experiences that completely uplift you, and remind yourself that life is good. Very good indeed.

So to my Swaneesinger, thanks baby! I love you!


Anonymous said...

You deserve it!

tiburon said...


Annie said...

ITA about mtg IRL

Erin said...

Nice award.

Life is good.

Kado! said...

I got to meet her IRL!...which reminds me...I need to post those pics...now that my lap-top is home!

Cherie said...

I wanted to comment on your High Adventure post!
I am SO with you! I love Girls Camp and have gone for many years and my husband does the High Adventure and Scout Camp every year (I know we are crazy) but it has not escaped my attention at all that while the girls are beating off mosquito's, braiding each other's hair, going on hikes to a pond (don't get me wrong love girls camp - hee hee) the boys get to go River Rafting, Horseback rideing, waterskiing, Repelling, Cliff diving, bike riding, kayaking, etc...Uuuummm HELLO???!!!!
My husband told me it is because the Scouts are a separate organization and they are funded...WTC??????!!!
Good for our boys not as great for our girls!!
Thanks for letting me vent - Love your pictures!!
Congrats on your award :D

Cherie said...
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Cherie said...

Ooops sorry it posted twice.

tammy said...

I will check her out because I always do what you tell me to.

Jan said...

I have found her and love her too. congrats.