Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thankful Thur....wait no, just random crap

(thanks to the Shark for the photo)
Yeah, it's Thursday and I should do a Thankful post, but really, I just have so much random crapola swinging around in my head, that if I don't let it out, my head will explode.

Splenda and Tuffy are at scout camp. Flaming Gorge. Playing. I'm home alone. With just the dogs. I am happy.

Sissy is coming tonight for a sleep over and then a play date tomorrow at Lagoon. She loved it last year, this year will be even more fun. It's Splenda's work party, but since he and the boy are gone, it'll just be us. Watch, this will be the ONE year they call his name to win a prize and he won't even be there to win it.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am old. I had to get my DL renewed today which really ticked me off since I had to get a new picture. The picture I have had for the last 10 years was a GREAT picture. No lie! The best DL pic I have ever seen. The one today? Hmmmmmm..... let's just say, I was happy they caught me with my eyes open. And yes, I do look 10 years older. Suck.

I was excited to open my email this morning and see an early Happy Birthday wish from her. She was leaving town and took the time to remember me. I want to meet her IRL. She's cool and I love her.

I get Famous Waffles for breakfast tomorrow. The Shark has kindly offered....okay, I DEMANDED, her Famous Waffles for my birthday. I will be posting a complete dining review later. Woot Woot!

I am a technotard. I can't figure anything with the computer out. Everyone does those cute hearts and cross out lines and stuff... yeah, I've had directions, but I still can't seem to manage it. Whatev.

I have a huge bike ride Saturday. 111 miles. It's not even going to be 80 degrees outside. I am going to freeze!

You would think with everyone out of my house, I would deep clean and scour and all that great stuff that you like to do when no one is there to mess it up? Nope. Can't bring myself to do it. I would rather lay around, going out to dinner with her and her or just playing on the computer. I am a loser.

I'm hungry. But I have packed on 7 ellbees in the past 4 months and am freaking out. FREAKING I tell you! Hunger and I need to become reacquainted.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am old. But I am thankful that I am here to have another one.


Becca said...

111 miles!!!??? HOLY CRAP WOMAN!! You are amazing...even if you are old;-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow--I hope I'm half as cool (and as fast) as you when I'm your age!

tammy said...

Reason #47 to move to AZ: our licenses don't expire until we're 65.

I love an empty house. Lucky you.

Happy Birthday tomorrow! Hope you have fun with Sissy.

Martha H. said...

I think it's rather nice that you've had time alone and haven't done much. That's just splendid.

You're not gonna be old tomorrow. I think that your attitude keeps you young. I hope it's a fabulous b-day. I will miss you at work, but I totally understand taking the day off.

Cherie said...

How fun to have alone time - When does that happen! Glad you're not cleaning I would think someone would need to see what you've been smoking!!
Alone, birthday tomorrow, oh wait...slumber party!! Live it up!!

Have a Happy Birthday!! I think you look super duper young - I see what you say your age is over on your sidebar and Nope you look much younger :D

Shawn said...

Love being by myself at home---its how I like to vacation...heh, heh.

I've got a lovely award for you, my dear----come on over to my blog and get it!!

CountessLaurie said...

Happy Happy and enjoy your waffles. 111 miles. Heck, that's a long CAR ride, never mind a bike ride! Good for you! Have a great weekend and enjoy it all.

Oh, I abhor my license pic too. It's the bad lighting I tell you!! Yeah, that's it!

tiburon said...


There will be WAFFLES!!!!

Erin said...

It's almost your birthday, in just over an hour. Have a great one!

And 111 miles? I complain when I have to drive that far. Wow. I'm impressed.

Nancy said...

Happy birthday! I hope all of your wildest dreams will come true! :]

Kado! said...

...I hate that whole new DL pic thingy...they took my beautiful Vegas DL away from me when I got my NY was a sad day.....

and I guess I suck at updating your side-bar calendar to my at-home calendar......HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Jan said...

Who cares if you don't clean. No one. Happy Birthday today you sweet young thing.

AS Amber said...

Did Tib do that thing that Donkey does on Shrek: "And in the mornin', I'm makin' waffles!"?

Happy, happy, happy birthday my friend!!!