Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday Fun - Part I

"Today is my birthday...nah nah nah nah nah nah. Happy Birthday to me, nah nah nah nah nah nah!"

I woke to the most beautiful face in mine, saying "Mimi - Caillou. Mimi - Caillou. Mimi - wake up!" It doesn't get better than that. For reals.

We got ready and headed for the Shark's house where I was anxiously looking forward to my birthday waffles. The ones that she graciously offered to make for me. Wait, I confess, that's a lie. I DEMANDED her Famous Waffles.

We got there to a welcoming committee at the door with birthday wishes and a delightfully set table with a fun balloon marking my spot at the table.Yes it says Over the Hill. And since I am, I guess I can't complain about it. I thought it was dang cute!

Now Shark has been raving about her Famous Waffles for quite some time. I will confess and secretly thought she was just using Bisquick and dubbing them famous so her kids would eat them. No, no, no my friends. I am happy to confess that I.WAS.WRONG!!

I don't know what the heck she does, but I haven't tasted anything like them. EVER. Rich, creamy, a hint of vanilla. Perfect texture. Covered in fresh strawberries and whip cream. Throw in a side of bacon and it is the perfect breakfast ever!

Of course, cute family put some candles on and actually sang to me! And no detail forgotten, notice the Monster set there beside my plate. Yes, it's not race day, but hey when you get as old as I am, you live it up when you can!

It was time to blow out my candles. Being old and decrepit, it's hard. It takes several struggles to get enough air from my wheezer lungs to get them out......

After breakfast, Ava presented me with a special birthday bear

It was a kind, thoughtful and generous thing for Tib and her kids to do for me. It was the perfect start to my day!

And the Famous Waffles - yes. They are every bit as good as she claims. I dare say even better. I've yet to taste another that even compares. She should keep her secret and market them. She would make a fortune.

Thanks Shark and made my morning!


tammy said...

Ok, now I gotta have one of those waffles!

And FYI, you are not that much older than me so you cannot call yourself old.

Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday! That waffle looks delicious!

Erin said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday. I wish I could eat the waffle through the screen.

Vanessa said...

I hope the Shark makes waffles for me on my Maybe she can roast them over an open pit.

Hope you had a fantastic day!

Martha H. said...

Looks like one great birthday. :)

Sue said...

Wow!! what a fun Birthday gift from a friend♥

She must share that recipe...she must

Happy Belated Birthday to a fuuuunnn!!! girl..Notice I didn't say old lady.. We are just antique little girls right?

Plain Jame said...

Oh Happy Birthday! I really really hope that you have had a wonderful day. THose waffles look delish, and tib outdid herself, and you are brave to give away your age in that picture with the candles. I thought you were still in your 30's (hey you were just a teen mom as far as all of us are concerned!!)

tiburon said...

I am so glad you enjoyed them!! And I was glad that I had the opportunity to share in your birthday fun! (There might have been some mocking...)

Jan said...

I missed the party. So sorry. Happy belated sweet lady. You are the sexiest 40 something that is for sure. And those waffles look so good. Tib out did herself.

Becca said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (Sorry it's late) And can I just say that I hope I'm half as cool as you when I hit that 4-7!

Omgirl said...

Sorry I'm so late on wishing you happy birthday. I was off having a nervous breakdown. But I'm better now. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Starting it off with famous waffles is a very good idea.