Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday morning 5k event - Run for Childrens Justice Center

Saturday morning was this event.

It had rained all night and was drizzling and cold when I left the house and walked to the park a mile from my home.

I picked up my registration packet, got my bib pinned on and then started stretching.

At 7:45, I met up with Chad at the start line, and by now it had stopped raining. We were loosening up, make small chit chat and then they sounded the horn. We took off and quickly set,what I thought was a nice, quick pace.

Right off the bat, I could tell Chad was holding back. I hollered at him to go ahead and take off. Nah, he hollers back at me. I tell him again to GO! He just looked over his shoulder and shrugged. Waved his hand, like it's no big deal and stayed with me. I even threatened to call him a pansy, but I think I just heard him say that I've called him worse so whatever. Dang if that dude stayed with me the entire time!

We ran a round loop and the temps were perfect, in fact, at one point, I was wishing I had opted for a tank top instead of a long sleeve running shirt. At mile 1 is when I started feeling the sideache. I haven't gotten a sideache like this in a long time. It hurt! We kept going, I kept trying to make sure I was breathing steadily and not holding my breath or gasping. The sideache wouldn't ease.

We rounded the corner for the last stretch home and Chad asked me how I was doing. He knows I have been having some knee and hip issues. I told him about the sideache. He offered to stop and walk. I refused. We kept going. As we turned into the final stretch to the finish line, we picked it up to a full sprint, (well, I did anyway, Chad just moved a little quicker, but nothing challenging to him) and we crossed the line. He even slowed down to let me cross first, I wouldn't.
His time: 25:20
My time: 25:22

We walked over to the pavilion and it was beginning to pick up raining again. The rest of the runners were finishing up and we were stretching and talking when they announced it was time for the 1k teddy bear run. Now, Splenda and Sissy were supposed to come for this part. I had gotten her a packet and bib number, but clearly, with the rain, it wasn't going to happen.

Chad and I decided to go run the 1k with the kids just for fun.

It my was amazing! We trotted alongside kids anywhere from 9 or 10 years old to 3 years old and running on their chubby little legs, down to babies in strollers. They were all so cute. It was a blast to get alongside them, give some encouragement and watch them start to push a little harder.

We got to the finish line and then turned to watch the kids come in. On hand were several members of BACAdecked out in their leather. There were also some members of the Army there in their fatigues. They lined along the finish and high fived each kid as they came in. Everyone was cheering and clapping! These little runners were red faced, soaking wet and grinning from ear to ear. It was

We hung out a little longer under the pavilion while they gave out raffle prizes and awards to overall winners and age division winners. I did take first in my age division. There were two of us! Niiiiiiiiiiice.

But here is the real kicker kids. And it occurred to me as I walked home in the rain from the event (yes Chad offered to drive me, I refused)

Two Saturday's in a row (The Ulcer last week and the 5k this week), Chad has been at my side during the events. Both weeks he could have pushed ahead and I even encouraged him to do so.
But instead he sacrificed a possible PR for both things just to be my friend and hang back. That's a pretty big deal. Sacrificing the opportunity to set a personal best?
Yeah, Chad, you rock. Thanks for staying with the slow fat girl......


tiburon said...

Chad is the best.

You are okay too.

I'll keep you both. ;)

Heather said...

I love the detailed recaps of your races. It's really motivating.

And this actual "slow fat girl" only dreams of a 5K in 25 minutes. :)