Sunday, August 16, 2009

Park City Anniversary Fun

After taking care of some business on the home front: a funeral, fixing the oven, getting packed, we finally loaded Pete the Pathfinder with our overnight crap and our bikes and pulled out of the driveway.

Splenda informs me that he needs to stop and get something for his bike. Some pedal something or other and we just need to make one quick stop. Wouldn't you know it? He had a surprise in store for me! Check out this beauty! A sterling silver and diamond pendant! I love it! I was so surprised and I absolutley adore it!! I think I looked at it in the mirror all the way to Park City!!

We stayed here. It's our favorite haunt in PC. Prolly cause it's cheap, has what we need and is close enough without dealing with main street's traffic.

We got settled in our room and headed out to find a theater. We have both been wanting to see the movie Up. It's a Pixar creation and since Pixar was founded by Splenda's cousin, we try to support all their creations. We found one theater, and crap - no Up. Now what to do? I really wanted Splenda to see my last leg I ran on the Ragnar Relay so we headed back out to the freeway and I led him there.

We stopped for a photo op at the exact spot I finished the brutual run.
While it was cloudy and chilly, the view over Jordanelle lake was beautiful

Going the opposite direction of my run, we ended up in Francis and then we drove over to Kamas. Splenda has never been to either of those little towns so it was kinda fun to just take a nice, casual drive. We headed back to Park City and came in the back way. Found a grocery store for some supplies and right there were more theaters! Unfortunately, no Up.

Instead we drove to main street and took a stroll. We ate hereand had thisand thisSeriously, the best food in town! My favorite!!

After dinner we waddled our stuffed selves back to the car and back to the hotel. watched 'Vantage Point' (good until the last 10 minutes) and then called it a night.

In the morning after sleeping in and having the standard hotel breakfast, we loaded up, saddled our bikes and took off. Splenda wanted to go to the Olympic park so that is where we headed.

It was UPHILL. And a steeeeeep grade. Here I was thinking a leisurely bike ride, but NOPE, we had to start it off with a hill climb. At least the view was fantastic!

We finally gasped our way into Olympic Park only to find that you had to pay to enter! We were already skating on thin ice with bike riding on the Sabbath, we weren't about to pay to enter the park so instead we got right up to the gate and watched the ski jumpers for a little bit.

Ski jumpers you say? In August? They use the ski jump and land in water to train. You can also pay to do it your self. There some very ordinary folks playing as well as someone who clearly was very good.

After admiring his skills, we headed back down the super steep hill. That part was FUN! I finally got going as fast as I ever have on my bike - 40.2mph. What a rush! We followed some trails and stumbled upon some cute little girls running a lemonade stand. They weren't asking for any money other than whatever you chose to donate. You could still have lemonade and a brownie if you wanted. They were trying to raise funds for PCCC (I think they meant PCMC) and Furburbia. I scrounged some loose change from my bike saddle bags, dumped it in their jar while Splenda drank the lemonade. We asked the adult woman with them about some more trails and she sent us in a great direction.

After thanking the girls again and smiling at their excitment, we headed off. We ended up making a small loop from the west end of the valley to the east and back again. The views were spectacular, and other than some strong wind, the weather was perfect! More great photo op's

A little over 2 hours and 13 miles later, we rolled back into the parking lot and to our car. Loaded the bikes, headed for home and back to reality. It was a fun, relaxing, and wonderful way to spend our 25th. Sure a cruise would have been nice, as was originally planned, but with a son still at home, we can wait and do that another time.

Thanks Splenda for the good times!


Vanessa said...

You didn't WATCH Vantage Point! It was merely "background music"!

Looks like fun!

tiburon said...

Looks like a great night! I can't believe you had a whole night away and you WATCHED A MOVIE!!!!!


Loralee and the gang... said...

Looks like you had some great fun - and got some good bling! But, tell me, what do you reprocate to hubby for something like that? (Oh, don't tell me, I already know!) And tell Tiburon, that when you've been married 25 years, being able to even stay AWAKE for a whole movie is quite an accomplishment! (but we all know what she meant!!! heehee)

Loralee and the gang... said...

I meant, RECIPROCATE. Is that the word I meant? I'm not even sure, now...

DeNae said...

Happy Anniversary! We do 25 in March. My bro lives in Kamas; I love that whole area. And my favorite place in the whole wide world is Park City. Good times!!

Pedaling said...

perfect celebration.

Plain Jame said...

How fun.

Hey 25 years? I had no idea you got married when you were 9.

Martha H. said...

Happy 25th!!!!

tammy said...

Looks like the perfect getaway! I'm feeling the need for one. Might just have to plan it myself!

Erin said...

Main Street Pizza & Noodle...mmm. Love that place! Sounds like a great vacation.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!

Sher said...

How fun!

Kado! said...

Awesome!!!! Happy 25th! What a fun trip together!!! have your birthday and Anniversary close together...just like me!

Love the necklace!!! HoT!

Omgirl said...

Love the Pizza and Noodle. if not for the food, for the price! P.C. is so freaking expensive to eat at!!!