Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spiritual Sunday

In my church, we don't have paid clergy. Each member serves in different areas at different times of their lives based on callings extended by our particular ward's leadership. We believe that the callings are inspired by personal revelation directly from God. For more questions you can go here

Our ward leader is called the Bishop. Bishops generally serve about 5 years, and he is basically the ward father. He leads, directs, counsels and oversees the physical,and spiritual needs of his ward flock.

I mentioned earlier this week that we were getting a new bishopric (bishop and his two counselors) today. We knew in our hearts that Splenda was safe. But most of the time, ward members begin speculating and wondering who might be called to be the next leader.

Our BFF's the B's have been in the ward as long as us. We have been through thick and thin together. S has been serving as the first counselor for the past couple of years and we have teased and joked with him that he was going to be the next bishop. He just smiles and calls us crazy, it's been an ongoing joke.

Well, you guessed it......S got called as the new bishop. To be honest, Splenda and I felt it earlier this week. Got the vibe, had the feeling and was just waiting for it to be official.

As we got to church this morning and saw their extended family members there, I just started bawling. S being called to bishop was an answer to prayer. My Tuffy needs someone who he has a strong relationship with, can talk to, respects and sees as his friend for this very pivotal time in his life. I am beyond thankful to my Father in Heaven for his inspired choice in Bishop S.

Bishop S is the most positive, cheerful, friendly man you will ever encounter. He has a way of bringing people in, making them feel good about themselves, and leaving them with hope that they might not have had before.

It has blessing in our lives to have these BFF's right across the street for 21 years. In fact, when we both first moved in, neither of us were active in the church. Slowly our ward, loved us right back in. We took Temple Prep classes together. Not once, but twice even! Then BFF's B's got smart and took their beautiful family to be sealed. Splenda and I had to take yet another round of Temple Prep classes. I finally joked with Splenda that if we didn't get it together and go, that we would be able to start teaching the course ourselves.

BFF B's have been right by our side through too many things to even begin to list. They are some of our dearest friends. We've had the joke that neither of us can move out of the neighborhood without the other. I can't imagine not having them right across the street. Now, they've gone and done it haven't they? I'm now stuck in my crackerbox house for the next 5 years!! : )

I am thankful for my testimony of inspiration. I have a testimony of prayer and that Heavenly Father knows each one us and our individual needs. I know that he provides answers to prayers, and that we too can gain testimony of leadership changes. We don't vote for our leaders in my church, we rely on Heavenly Father to prompt and inspire the callings. I know that to be true. Bishop S will do a great job at leading, unifying and spiritually feeding us.

My challenge? To remember to call him Bishop now and not Scooter : )

BFF B's - love your guts - thanks for your examples, friendship and love. Bishop - know that you are in our prayers and we will support and sustain you in any way you need us.



Pedaling said...

ahhh, it makes all the difference and things so wonderful to have this kind of bishop- one who is in tune and your teens can confide and relate to and who you love!
wonderful for you, your family and the entire ward!

Devri said...

Hugs to you all!

tammy said...

It's always a dead giveaway when you see the extended family there isn't it? Great post. It does make all the difference to have a good bishop. Especially for the youth. Our good friend was just put in two weeks ago and I knew it was going to be him and am so thankful for him. My boys absolutely love him.

Cherie said...

That is so neat! I love the way leadership changes in the church in such an orderly manner. These changes are definately guided by our Heavenly Father. It sounds like your friend will be a wonderful Bishop.
We just got a new Stake Presidency this weekend. All Bishops and one was ours so we will be getting a new Bishopric soon too. It is hard to keep from speculating and it is all a neat process.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Awesome that your new bishop is one who can be close to your son. So important, you're right.
When my husband was called - HUGE shock and surprise - the biggest adjustment for him and our friends, and even me, sometimes, was what to call him, and when?
It is the when that made it do-able. At church, of course he is "Bishop", and at personal friendly get-togethers, he is just Mark for most of our best friends. Others stay more traditional at all times.
At first I felt like I had to always refer to him as bishop to all the ward members, but gradually I relaxed and refer to him as I normally would. It truly is an out-of-body-experience, and will take a bit for your friends to get used to. But I know you'll be there for them!

Omgirl said...

it's so nice when someone you trust and appreciate gets called. Now just make sure you don't do anything naughty or you're going to have to tell Scooter all about it!

Omgirl said...

it's so nice when someone you trust and appreciate gets called. Now just make sure you don't do anything naughty or you're going to have to tell Scooter all about it!