Monday, August 17, 2009

Well said......Thank you Congressman Rogers - A must watch if you care about Healtcare reform

Saw this on Pedaling's blog.....loved it, and wanted to share it. Thanks Pedaling!

I wonder how long it's going to take until the government tells me what kind of toilet paper I have to use too.....

Can't sit by and let this happen! We need voices. I think I'm gonna hit my next townhall meeting and become a "mobster"


Jan said...

Trying to catch up here. Happy Anniversary. Wow. That is so great. I love the necklace and you guys really spiced things up.

You had a great time with your friends too. The food looked fab.

You have a blessed life. I saw this video before, and loved it. I love good men and women right now, that serve. They are so needed.

Devri said...

trying to catch up like Jan, but she basicly said it all! :D

I have not seen this. Wow, powerful, inspiring, and moving!

I have become a mormon to mobster, and I am loving it. because those who are going to sit back, and hope for the best, at that point, the best will not be the best anymore! like bob marley says....


Martha H. said...

Wow! Nice to know that someone is listening to us.

tammy said...

I loved this too and just don't get how people can still be so blind.

Mel-Rox said...

I saw a bumper sticker the other day it said:

I'll Keep My Money
You Can Keep
"The Change".