Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tri-Utah Jordanelle 2009 - Chapter 2 - The bike adventure

Once I got to the area, where I was told to mount my bike, I quickly noted a few things. One, my legs were jello. Two, there was someone behind me after all!

You can see, I am totally stressed. My body is shaking so badly, I can't even get my foot secured in the toe cage! Once I finally got going, I felt a little better and quickly got into a quick groove. I immediately picked up a couple of roadkills, and that gave me some extra punch.

I turned onto the highway, and thought I would like to finish up those shot bloks and get another drink. While maneuvering around to do this, I knocked my computer and off it went! Flying onto the road. CAAAARRRRAAAAPPPP!!!

For a nanosecond, I considered leaving it. But the smarter side took over. I pulled off, laid my bike down, and trotted back to retrieve it. Rather than lose more time trying to figure out how to get it back on, I tossed it into my saddle bag and got moving again.

This part of the highway I was familiar with. I ran it during Ragnar, but doing the opposite direction. I knew there was a HUGE hill going into the town of Francis and I wasn't sure if we were going to head up it or not. I was praying for NOT.

I managed to get a drink, pick my pace back up and garner another road kill. They turned us off right at the bottom of the hill and I said a LOUD thank you to the volunteers who pointed me that way! : )

The route then became a quiet two laned road through the countryside that I am sure was pretty if I wasn't concentrating so hard. I now decided to attempt getting the shot bloks again. I struggle with the package several times, when all of a sudden, they fly out of my hands and onto the road. CAAAAAARRRRRAAAAPPPP!!

This time? No way in Hades am I stopping for them. Nope. Don't need them that bad. I swig more water and keep pushing. I was able to make up some time, and get more road kills when the route took a sharp turn and headed up a pretty good sized hill. I quickly jumped out of the big ring and shifted to my granniest granny gear. My legs felt like cement.

Up ahead I see a gal pulled off with a flat tire. A dude has stopped to help her. I ask if all's well as I go by, but I really didn't have any intention of stopping. She had help, I knew if I stopped, I wouldn't get started again.

We pull onto a main road, and I look around. I RECOGNIZE THIS!! We did this in Ragnar. That means, the huge hill? We get to go DOWN it! I pick up as much speed as I can, and at the top, tucked in and flew! A couple more roadkills later, I hit the flat at the bottom and feel exhilarated! Just what I needed! Last mile and a half in and while I am still winded, heart rate sky high, legs complete jello, I am mentally feeling good.

I roll in, give Splenda a high five and make my way to my transition station.

I racked my bike, ditched my bike gloves, swapped my helmet for a baseball cap and headed out for the final portion, the 5k run......


tammy said...

I am so tired for you.

glittersmama said...

I love that Splenda is always there for you. Makes me smile.