Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Missionary Update

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How are you guys doing up there?? All things going good here. I am going to have to send you guys an email a little bit shorter than the other ones that I am sending you guys sorry but the time is killing me haha. What is going on is that this is the last week of the transfers so we have to give, apart of all of the Reports that we give thoughout the week, we give an Evaluation of every missionry to the Mish President so that he can get an idea of how the missionaries are doing so that he can make the transfers. Being a ZL you can really predict what is going to happen. It is a little bit tuffer cause basically anything could happen. Even though my comp has almost 5 months here, I could go or he could. We jut dont know.
My week was great, it went a long really fast. The only bad thing tht happened was Sat. We had an investigator that was goig to be baptized and sh needed her interview. Whe n she was going to leave to gt her interview her mom got mad and didnt let her go so sh is not going t be baptized this week and we doing know what is going to happen to her. Hr name is Carina. But things are going to be going good. We should if all goes right have about 4 or 5 baptisms this next ransfer so we are good to go there!!! I love you guys so much and miss you. Have a great week. I havent gotten the card yet cause w havent gone to get the mail. We are going to go after lunch and if we get it, I will calle the office and they will call you guys!!1 I love you!!!

Elder Catmull

NGL - I don't think I am very fond of these short emails. He's been such a good writer so far. *sigh* At least I know he's where he should be and doing what he should be doing.


Jan said...

This was more my world :) I would have loved the long ones you get.

He sounds great Cat. I think he is so happy. Investigators are such a great word.

tammy said...

What a great example he is.

tiburon said...

I am just glad you get something every week :)