Sunday, August 16, 2009

A big shout out to a LONG time BFF - DB, you rock my world!

DB and I have been friends for over 20 years. I KNOW RIGHT???? We moved into the neighborhood in July, they moved right across the street the next January.
Our kids have grown up together, we have gotten them off on missions, gotten them married, taken quick get away jaunts together and talk all the time. Her third son and my second son are really more like brothers. I love her dearly. She, her hubs and family are some of our bestest besties ever.

She spoils me on a regular basis. But this birthday, she really outdid herself.
Not only did she show up on my door with a six pack of diet coke (YES!), but a beautiful card that contained a gift certificate to Target.Girl knows my favorite store.

Last week when I headed to St George, I grabbed the gift certificate, tossed it in my wallet thinking I would pick up something while I was down there.

On my way, I stopped at potty break and took a look at the amount on the card.....WTC??!!!??! DB - you really DID NOT need to do that.

I was so excited to get to Target and start shopping, I could hardly stand it!

Check out this haul....A purse, skull candy headphones, couple of tops, and a cami.

Thank you DB - I love you like a fat kid loves cake!!


tiburon said...

Oooo I was eyeing your handbag on Friday...

Now I know where to get one!

DB is a keeper :)

Pedaling said...

nice- there's always lots to find at target!

Kado! said...