Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sum it all up on Saturday!

Soooo..... got home safe and sound from the lovely, warm and sunny St George. Long trip in the car - thank goodness for my podder. Enjoyed my own private ICC (in car concert). Did you know that if you hold the empty milk duds box just right, it makes a PERFECT microphone? I think the dude driving next to me in the big Miller Blue Ribbon beef truck thought I was loco. And really, I don't know how I could have ever made it through Scipio without Justin "Bring Sexy Back". Really.

My sister in-law Terri Ferran, is an amazing author. Her first book Finding Faith has been out on the market for about a year now and doing well. We all hopped in the Yankeemobile this afternoon to attend her latest author signing at a new book store opening in Pleasant Grove. (I'd give a shout out to the new book store, but they weren't great) Watch for her new book called Having Hope which is set to be released in March 2009.

Tonight is date night. Got our tickets to the new Bond installment "Quantam of Solace." Reviews are mixed, I guess I'll get to make my own judgement. I'm just excited to be in a dark theater with my D, my large popcorn, and big a** diet coke!

The week - good but glad to be HOME!!

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