Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Thanksgiving day edition

Wow - so much to be thankful for! Where to begin......?

Mi familia - All of them, even the crazies.
My health - Had a scare earlier this year, makes me even more grateful.
My home and all the comforts that come with it like turning up the heat, having a hot bath, food on the table, the fact that I have a secure roof over my head.
My job - couldn't ask for a better one with besties at work! And right now, glad to have one when so many people are without one or are close to it.
My faith - Life would not have the meaning it does with out my firm belief system. Am I perfect at being who I SHOULD be? Heck no, but working on it is good enough for now.
My friends - I feel like I've got besties all over the place! Home, work, church, gym, neighborhood, family. I'm surrounded by GREAT people, who I love and love me back even with all my warts.

List could go on and on and on....... Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

tiburon said...

All super fantastic things.

I couldn't list all the things I am thankful for - that is why I bite off a little each week :)