Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

It's Tuesday and time for me to share those things that "Tickle Me Pink"

1. Tib looking over at me during any point in class and dead-panning "I HATE HER" hehe, makes me giggle everytime.

2. When P.O.P says "You need your Bosu, your mat, and your ball." I know what's coming and I'M LOVIN IT!! serious.

3. Bowling for Soup. LOVE every single one of their songs, I giggle out loud with most of them.

4. My seat warmers. As soon as I feel my butt getting warm I get a tickle tingling inside : )

5. My puppies. When they try to crawl out of the box and cry and play with each other. Makes me tickled inside!

6. When I can make Martie laugh by singing out loud with my podder and pen in hand for my mike.

7. The new laptop work issued me. Need I say more?

What Tickles you Pink?


Martha J. Hutchinson said...

You singing to me with a pen while listening to your iPod - tickles me pink.

Tiburon said...

You. You tickle me pink. Every blessed day. Mostly cause you "get" me. And help me mock and make fun of people. And plot Ralynne's demise. And make me go to the gym. And you let me on your happy bus instead of running over me.

Mindi said...

i frickin' HATE, nay, LOATHE the bosu. it was invented by satan.

i heart puppies as well.