Wednesday, November 26, 2008

If it's Wednesday, then I'm wondering WHY?

WHY does someone come into a new gym and say to the trainer/instuctor, "We already work with a trainer." Does this person not realize that the ENTIRE class will now pay for that comment? Not naming names. Martie. My gluts still thank you.

WHY does the car pool lane have double white lines? Shouldn't it be accessible ALL THE TIME??

Speaking of car pool lane, WHY does someone get in the car pool lane and then decide that it's okay to drive 65?? Of course, they can't MOVE OVER because the the STUPID double white lines!!

WHY didn't Heba get voted off TBL last night? HONESTLY, a bigger piece of crap might not be found, except in her good friend Vicki.

What you are wondering about on this fine Wednesday?

PS. Props to Tiburon! I totally lifted the ? off her blog. She rocks.Seriously.

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