Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Such a list today:

The space heater in my husband's office. Seriously, does he need to keep his office at a freakin 50 degrees? I swear I was going to lose my fingers and toes until he remembered he had a heater. Once that baby got up and running, I was in sweet, sweet heaven.

My job. I have the BEST job, the BEST boss (no she doesn't read my blog, I'm not sucking up), and the BEST co-workers a girl could ask for. Seriously.

My home. Yes, we are still in our "starter" home. Yes, it's very small and simple. Yes, it's plain jane cuz I have no decoratin skills. BUT, it's almost paid for, and right now, that is a HUGE plus.

My Tuffster. Seriously. Gotta be one of the coolest kids EVAH! Built the raddest catapult for physics. I could probably launch a low-carb Monster from my house to Tiburon's with it.

What are you thankful for on this particular Thursday?


tiburon said...

Great list :)

Although I was hoping to see my name at least 10 times.

Melissa Catmull said...

I am thankful for you EVERY single day! seriously.