Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If it's Wednesday, then I'm Wondering Why

Why did someone ever decide that "Hey, the milk has curdled, let's serve in a pineapple ring on a leaf of lettuce and call it cottage cheese" ?!?!

Why did someone ever decide that "Hey the cream has gone sour, let's throw that on a baked potato with some chives and bacon" ?!?!

Why did someone ever decide "Hey, this cheese smells like stinky feet and has gone moldy, let's crumble it and add it to a salad" ?!?!



Martha J. Hutchinson said...

Why do we eat a vegetable that smells like someone had a bad case of gas? (Brocolli.) I'm just sayin'...

tiburon said...

I could write books filled with the crap I don't get. This is just the beginning.

And I agree with you on ALL counts - I don't eat any of that crap!