Thursday, November 20, 2008

Puppies 4 Sale!!

Some of you may know that we have new puppies at our house!
They are called Maltzers. Mom is a purebred, papered Miniature Schnauzer and Dad is a purebred papered Maltese.
We've got three BEAUTIFUL babies.
This one we call Hummer

This one we call Junior

And this one is the little baby sister

We purposely bred them (don't judge me), to produce perfect companions. They are meant to be dogs that become a part of your human pack and NOT stuck outside. They should be with you, live with you and in all aspects be one of your family.
If you know anyone who is interested, have them post a comment with email address. The asking price is 400.00 but for the right family and situation, we can negotiate.

They'll be ready around the 18th of December, but I can hold until Christmas eve, if your looking for a Christmas surprise. I'll tell ya, they are so fun and well mannered, it will be difficult to part with any of them!


Mindi said...

i'm sticking to my no-pet policy. until my friend's cat has her babies, then i might break down. but only because i don't want her husband to throw them in a sack with some rocks in the river.

i must say: ADORABLE!

Sheila said...

They are Adorable Melissa!!

I have my hands full with my Mini Dachund she is 10 months old now.

tiburon said...

OOOOOOOO I wish we could take one.


Koreena said...

I don't know you (saw a link to this on Tib's blog) but OH MY GOODNESS those are the cutest puppies! I'm wishing more than ever that we didn't live in an apartment. :( I would totally snatch one of those cuties up! I hope you find wonderful homes for them.