Sunday, November 30, 2008

Perfect Puppy Saturday!

Big day for the little ones! 6 week birthday and, as a puppy, you can't have a 6 week birthday without a special trip to the vet!

We toddled off in our super soft and cozy laundry basket and the minute the babies entered the door of the vet's office, they stole EVERY heart within beating distance! Seriously.

They each recieved excellent grades from their check up's, and given their first round of shots. They are set for 3 more weeks till the next round!
Here's Hummer - weighing in at 3.23 lbs

Here's Bentley Junior weighing in at 2.34 lbs

And here is the newly named Ellie weighing in at 2.02lbs

Also, got an email from Natalie letting us know baby sister's official name. Ellie. PERFECT! Doesn't she look just like an Ellie?
I just wish we could find as good as families for the boys as we have for her.


tiburon said...

OH MAN! They are so cute!

I want one. But I can't have one.

Schimmy said...

What kind of puppies are they? We have been thinking about getting an inside dog.