Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Missionary Update & What's happening Hot Stuff?

Luke is sounding a little more upbeat, below is his weekly email home. Added are some PS's that he was able to sneak in while he and Dave were on-line together this morning (be advised, I leave his original spelling and grammer intact. He's losing his English):

Dear mom and dad,

well another rough week has gone by. if wasnt very long but at the same time it wasnt very short, ya know? things havent improved.....much. i dont want to make you guys worried at all, cause you guys know that i am still happy, but here, is just hard. something that i will always remember from my mission president is, There is no bad companion, there is no bad sector, there are no bad members, there is no BAD in the mission. They are Challeges. i have also rememeberd that, and it has helped me to have a positive attitud about how thigs are going here. actually had some really cool experiences, and as you guys cn see, the sub. is a prayer answered :) the experience is kinda personal and i dont feel the need to share it right now, but know that i had a great experience with prayer. i have actualy gotten really close to God these past weeks. the good news is, i feel like things are good with me ad God, which means that i really am doin my part. of courrse i am not perfect, but i am really trying. Okay here is the weekly update:

This week should be really cool! Tomorrow we have interviews with the Mission President, Thursday we are goig to have a little birthday party for a Recent Convert here in the church, and Friday we are going to have an activity in the church, a talent show. It is kinda a lot to plan for but if all goes well, it should we awesome. Apart of that, it is really hot here! It has gotten up to 70 degrees. Normally that should be perfect, but I have been so used to the cold that 70 is pretty hot haha. Also, made friends with Hook here haha. Never in my life have i seen someone with a hook for a hand, until now.
Honeslty, I miss my last sector a lot. I miss the people, the food, and I miss the hilarious experiences that I had there. II heard that happens a lot here on the mission. One thing for sure, is that the work is the same :)

Sounds like things are going somewhat good over there. I could only imagine that the divorce things isnt goin so well, but for the most part, thigs are going well. Thank you for sending me the pictures that was really cool. I really do love gettig those haha. Also does sound like things are going well with the sports side too. In one of the houses that we went into, the dad was watching the ESPN sports update and i caught myself wacthing the NBA stuff for a miute. Wow do I miss playing ball!

Oh just so you guys know, usually when I teach or i meet new people, i show them a pic of our family so they can know me better. they also comment the same thing, that you guys look really young ad my and my brothes look young too hahaha. thought you guys would like to hear that :) okay now for some questions.....

That was cool that you guys got a letter from my Zone Leader. He really was a cool guy and is ending his missin this transfer. I for sure am going to visit him when i get back. He lives in Utah, but i dont rememeber what part haha. From what I understad, I am going to hve to visit a lot of the elders that i met here after the mission, as well as all of my sectors :)

Well parents, gettig close to a year it is kinda crzy. the time is flyin by really really fast. I am excited to be able to talk to you guys on the phone also. everyone tells me, after the one year mark, thigs just fly by before you know it, your home, and wanting to go back out on the misison. I actually had a dream that I came home....and after talking with everyone and getting home, the first thing i did, was cry because i wanted to go back hahaha. crap, i love the misiso!!! Thank you guys for all tat you guys have done for me, I really dont need anything at the moment, but when i do, i wont hold back haha. Love you guys and look foward to hearing from you guys again. ANd if your on, go ahead and respond back :)

Elder Catmull

The Lord really works in great ways. It is interesting to see that. At times I understand why I am put here with my companion in this sector and at other times I have no idea. His will be done is what I am looking at here. But you are right, sometimes ya have to experience the bad, to experience the good. I am trying to take all this time to learn what I can for the time that I am here. Thanks dad fo the quote and your advice

mom just got done looking at the blog that you have and I really loved it!!! Awesome work mom seriously!!!! I will check that every week for sure! Love you tons!

I love that boy like a fat kid loves cake! I guess I don't need to be the intrusive missionary mom after call and call the mission president. Sounds like he's got it handled!

So wassup this week?

So much on the agenda - NOT!
How about a little work, some PT camp and the gym, a little run, a little dinner and maybe through it all, a little fun!

Before I lay out my goals for this week, let's review how I did last week:
Didn't kill anyone - check
Didn't get fired - check
Gained a pound - um check and two extra - easy does it girl....
Best my time in the 5k - FAIL!

So let's put it on the table for this week:
1. Don't kill anyone on Tuesday.
2. Don't get fired for my sexual harrassing. I think I can make this one this week since I won't be in the office much.
3. Eat through the pain on Thursday at the Up-Chuck-A-Rama.
4. Finish the 6K in 30 min or better. Setting the bar a little low with this one, the weather is supposed to be atrocious, so I am cutting myself some slack.
5. NOT gain anymore this week. Let's take it nice and easy.....
How 'bout you, set any fun goals for the week?

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tiburon said...

Does it freak you out that Elder Catmull is reading the blog? You may need to reign it in there tiger.

Can't wait for the race. Should be a BLAST in the rain. Soooooo excited.

Forget the time - you know who you need to beat!